Xuanwei Shopping

If you want to go shopping in Xuanwei city, there are lots of Xuanwei city local products for people to buy. Xuanwei city has it's own character, there're mainly three local shopping products that are so rare in other places of Qujing. It includes: the geographical indication products, namely, Xuanwei Ham and Tangtang Yellow Tofu.

What to buy in Xuanwei city

1.Xuanwei Ham(宣威火腿)

Xuanwei Ham is the local product from Xuanwei County, which has a long history of over 250 years. Xuanwei Ham won many prizes over the years, which it is famous home and abroad, with a good taste and pretty shape. Nowadays, people from the local area use Xuanwei Ham to make different kinds of food, and attract many people come to Xuanwei to buy it.

2. Tangtang Yellow Tofu(倘塘黄豆腐)

Tangtang is a small town in the southern part of the mountain, it is famous for its production of yellow tofu. What is highlighted here is a "yellow" word. Most of the things we see are white tofu, but this is yellow.

Where to Buy in Xuanwei city

Many of the shops are run by local residents. It is recommended that you can go shopping around to ensure that you are paying a reasonable price.

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