Xuanwei Tours Packages

This is about the Xuanwei tour packages. Xuanwei is a county-level city, under the jurisdiction of Qujing, in Yunnan Province, China. There are many attractions for people to visit, since there is not only a scenery tour but also a food tour. Xuanwei Ham, produced in Xuanwei county in the northeastern Yunnan province, has a history of more than 250 years. With its fragrant flavor and delicate taste, it enjoyed fast sales both at home and abroad. There are some good places that people may have wonderful experiences, such as Dongshan Temple, West Tuzhu Temple, Former Residence of Pu Zaiting, Former Residence of Zhou Jianping, Keduguan Ancient Road and Jianjiaodong Neolithic Site. Xuanwei is an important red culture tour base. People can visit the Hutoushan Martyrs’ Cemetery of The Red Army, Xuanwei Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs, Xize Base Monument and Tianba Martyrs Cemetery of The Red Army. There are some places for people to have a rest, which are Wanshui Park, Shuashui Dragon Pool and Laibin Dragon Cave.