Xundian County Shopping

When it comes to Xundian County's specialty, there are not only Yanglin Mellow Wine with unique flavor, but also Kunming unique famous Spot-return Cake. We list some specialties worth buying in Sonming County.

What to Buy in Xundian Cunty?

Cured Beef(牛干巴)

Because of its delicious taste, easy to keep and carry, and convenient to eat, it is loved by abundant consumers.

Xundian Walnut(寻甸核桃)

Walnut has high medicinal value and is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. The medicine of motherland thinks the walnut sex is warm, the flavor is sweet, avirulent, have health stomach, enrich blood, embellish lung, raise spirit to wait for effect.

Kunming Batik(昆明蜡染)

Batik is a folk hand-dyeing and printing handicraft popular in the minority areas of yunnan province. The kunming batik fabric integrates the culture of the minorities in yunnan with unique and original patterns.

Where to Buy in Xundian County?

Dongfa Food Spcialty Market(东发食品特产超市) is located in No.230 Fengwu Road of Rende Town in Xundian Cuonty.

Xinglong Specialty Store(兴隆特产专卖店) is located in No.22 Ximen Street of Xundian County.

Zhizun Specialty(至尊特产) is located in the junction of Longzhuan Road and Mada Road.

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