Yanjin County Dining

Yanjin is a county with many valuable food materials like Jizong mashroom(鸡枞),Yanjin soybean, black-bone chicken and so on. Like its neighboring county-Shuifu, Yanjin has mixed the characteristics of Yunnan dishes and Sichuan dishes. Here are some famous local food list as follow:

Yanjin Tofu Pudding(盐津豆花)

Tofu pudding is a famous local dish of Yanjin county, also a common home cooking. The price of which is cheap, but the taste is delicious.  Its’ good taste mainly decided by the soybean. Yanjin is a typical mountainous county with less sunshine but enough heat, because of the special geographical condition, the soybean which planted here is qualified and with high nourishment. In addition, the key of making a delicious tofu pudding dish is the hot pepper matches with it.

Black-bone Chicken(乌骨鸡)

Black-bone chicken is famous for its’ features of good taste, health care and official value. It is mainly fed and spread in Wumeng mountain area, then it got the good reputation of Wumeng Precious fowl(乌蒙珍禽). The best way to cook the chicken is to stew.

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