Yaoan County Festivals and Events

Yao'an County is a typical multi-ethnic united county. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Yao'an County. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Yao'an County. We provide you with a brief view of them.

Festivals in Yao'an County

1. Meige Culture Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族梅葛文化节)

On the day of the festival, people pour into the broad pasture of the Mayouping Village Committee. The original Yi people's songs and dances attract the attention of all the people present and affect their hearts.

2. Huadeng Opera Art Festival (花灯艺术节 )

Yao’an lantern’s every style,every tune and every cavity are all with a pure Yao’an flavor.

3. Xinmin-Lawan National Unity Day (腊湾民族团结日)

This is a carnival festival. On the theatrical performance field, Yao an County non-legacy center literary and art performance team member competes to appear, the program is very exciting.

4. Qiushanhui Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族秋山会)

August 7th is the Beginning of Autumn in China's 24 solar terms. On this day, the Yi people arrived in Zuomen Township from all sides, dressed in costumes to sing and dance to welcome the arrival of the “Qiushanhui Festival”.

5. Lotus Culture Festival (荷花文化旅游节)

Another year of lotus are blooming! In order to further strengthen the development of Yao'an tourism culture and key industries, let more friends come into Yao'an and understand Yao'an, my county plans to hold Yao'an 2017 Lotus Culture Tourism Festival in July 2017.

Entertainment of Yao'an County:

 After a day of journey, We find some leisure and entertainment for tourst to relieve you for a day's exhaustion.

1. Tea House

Tea houses can be seen everywhere, local people will enjoy their time in these tea houses. we pick up some for tourists, such as Ziyun Tea House(紫云茶室).

2. KTV

If  tourists want to sing songs, there are some karaoke with good environment and service, such as Wanziyule KTV(畅响时光量贩KTV) , Tianlai Liangfan KTV(天籁量贩KTV).

3. Massage

Massage is a good way to comfort tired bodies, so we search some good massage houses for tourists, such as Heshun Massage(和顺按摩), Lixin Massage(丽鑫按摩).

4. Bar

Bars are another place to relax at night, we also search some romantic bars with cheap price, such as Landiao Wine Bar(蓝调酒吧) and  Sandian Wine Bar(叁点酒吧).