Yaoan County Shopping

Shopping in Yao'an County is a must-do thing for tourists to this town. The handicrafts of various cultures and religions attract visitors from all over the world to buy them.

What to Buy in Yao'an?

 1. Cotton Bags

Bags mainly made from home-made cotton cloth vary much in designs. These fine and smooth bags are, most of the time, decorated with embroidered patterns such as flowers, people, animals, fruits and traditionally auspicious symbols, all brightly colored.

 2. Leather Bags

Made of tanned and soft sheepskin or cowhide. Sometimes, the Yi ethnic people in the northwest of Yunnan also use chamois to make bags, rare but graceful and beautiful.

3. Yi Ethnic Paper-cuts

The intelligent Yi ethnic ladies also give full play to their inspirations by making a variety of paper-cut artworks mainly used for decorating their costumes, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and most of the time for religious ceremonies. Patterns included are mainly plants, wild lives, and holy things in the Yi ethnic religion. 

 4. Yi Ethnic Lacquer Wares

Patterns on lacquer wares include natural patterns, animals, plants, life scenes, production scenes, and cultural images, among which animals are the most dominating-and followed by plants. This can be why the Yi ethnic group underline the animal husbandry in their life, since they had undergone a long nomadic history, settled down and finally survived on farming.

Where to Buy in Yao'an?

There are lots of shopping districts, streets, malls and stores in Yao'an. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Yao'an Specialty (姚安特产店)
    Address: In the junction of Chunhui Road and Baocheng Road

2. Yao'an Taste of Lotus Specialty Market (姚安荷之味特产专卖店)
    Address: No.114, Xinyuan Housing Estate of Xidajie Street
    Telephone: 13769204069

3. Yiyuan Local Specialty (彝园土特产)
    Address: No.72, Fuqian Street of Dongchuan Town
    Telephone: 15912937008

4. Wanda Shopping Mall (万达商城)
     Address: In the junction of Xizheng Street and Baocheng Road