Yiliang County (Kunming) Overview

‣ Basic Information of Yiliang County

● Chinese Name:宜良县

● Key Words: the Granary of Central Yunnan 

Altitude:1,500 meters—1,800 meters

● Population: 431,000

Average Temperature:16.3°C

‣ Administrative Division of Yiliang County

In 2009,Yiliang County administers Kuangyuan Town(匡远镇),Beigucheng Town(北古城镇),Goujie Town(狗街镇),Tangchi Town(汤池镇),Zhushan Village(竹山乡),Majie Village(马街乡),Gengjiaying Yi Nationality & Miao Nationality Village (耿家营彝族苗族乡)and Jiuxiang Yi Nationality & Hui Nationality Village(九乡彝族回族乡).

‣ Geography

Yiliang's terrain is high and low in the north and south, and the mountains and basins are intertwined. Most of the mountains are northeast to southwest strike, northeast Maopan Mountain is Ma Long platform and the west slope of Niutou Mountain south extension. The northwest is the Laoye Mountain (Mount Una) for the Liang Wang Mountain system. The Zhushan system in the south of the county is formed by the uplift of the fault block, with a north-south trend.

‣ Climate

In Yingjiang, the climate is warm and temperate. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. This location is classified as Cwa by Köppen and Geiger. The average annual temperature in Yingjiang is 20.4 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 1677 mm.

‣ The Best Time to Go

With favorable weather all year round, Yiliang County is a beautiful place worth traveling, especially from March to October-the best time to visit Kunming when blooming flowers, ripe fruits and festival activities all gather together.

‣ Transportation

In 2015, Yiliang County invested 885 million yuan to complete the construction of Yijiu Highway, Puppy Highway and Xiaojiang Highway. It invested 253 million yuan to build 355 kilometers of hardened village roads. The hardening rate of administrative village roads reached 100%, and the total mileage of urban and rural roads reached 1852 kilometers.

‣ Culture

In 2014, 5 township (street) cultural stations in Yiliang County reached the national standard and 2 reached the provincial standard. Nine village-level cultural rooms were rebuilt and expanded, and 10 colorful Yunnan National Fitness Project sites and 6 Fitness and Leisure points were built. The first nationwide movable cultural relics survey registered 130 pieces. Yang Dechun, Lan Xuecheng, Zhang Tingkai declared as provincial intangible cultural heritage inheritors.

‣ Economy

In 2015, the GDP of Yiliang County was 15.05 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 12.9 yuan; the per capita GDP of 34758 yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 11.5%; the added value of industry above the scale of 2.91 billion yuan, which is 2.1 times that of 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 16.3%; and the total retail sales of consumer goods of 3.717 billion yuan. The average annual growth rate was 11.6%; the third industrial structure ratio was adjusted to 28.57: 28.97: 42.46; the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents was 31629 yuan and 11453 yuan, respectively, with an average annual growth rate of 11.4% and 14.2% respectively. .

‣ Festival

With a long history, Yiliang County enjoys lots of unique located festivals and activities, such as Flower Street Festival, Hunting God Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.

‣ Tourism

In 2015, Yiliang County realized total tourism revenue of 253 million yuan, an increase of 12.03 yuan compared with 2014; 2.349 million visitors, an increase of 12.5 percent from 2014; and 106 million yuan of ticket income, an increase of 23.08 yuan compared with 2014.