Yiliang County (Kunming) Dining

Yiliang County's cuisine is varied and coveted. Whatever street snacks, barbecues, or elegant indoor restaurants all have local characteristics. We have listed some of delicacies and restaurants that must eat in Yiliang County.

What to Eat?

1.Yiliang Roast Duck

With Yiliang local Dian Ma duck as raw material, it is fine baked, its unique flavor is fat and thin, crispy skin, inside fragrant tender, has a history of more than 600 years, is a famous traditional dish in Yunnan Province.

2.Yiliang Governor Shao-mai(宜良都督烧麦)

Yiliang Governor Shao-mai is a snack originating from Yiliang, Yunnan Province, which has a history of more than 70 years.

3.Yiliang Chestnut

Yiliang chestnut is a specialty of Yiliang County, Kunming City. Yiliang chestnut is rich in resources, planting area of 150000 mu, annual output of more than 10, 000 tons.

4.Spot-return Cake

Kunming's unique famous spot. It is white as snow, soft and refreshing, fragrant, salty and sweet, old and young. The cake is white in color, soft in texture, sweet and salty, comfortable to eat, not dry, easy to digest, especially suitable for the elderly, children and patients.

Where to Eat?

There are many special restaurant in Yiliang County. We have listed some restaurants with good taste and beautiful environment for tourists.

Chinese Name

English Name





Xuecheng Restaurant

In 324 National Highway


Steam Pot Chicken, Ecological Sheldrake


Yunpeng Restaurant

No.39, Yongan Road in Yiliang County


Yiliang Roast Duck


Hexingyuan Restaurant

No.58, Yuqiao Road


Yiliang Roast Duck


Hongjiao Restaurant

Next Tianyuan Housing Estate


Yiliang Roast Duck


Sihai Restaurant

In the intersection of Zhunguanying Road


Yiliang Roast Duck, Fry Meat