Yiliang County (Kunming) Shopping

When it comes to Yiliang specialty, there are not only Yiliang Roast Duck with unique flavor, but also Kunming unique famous Spot-return Cake. We list some specialties worth buying in Yiliang County.

What to Buy in Yiliang County?

1.Yiliang Roast Duck

With Yiliang local Dian Ma duck as raw material, it is fine baked, its unique flavor is fat and thin, crispy skin, inside fragrant tender, has a history of more than 600 years, is a famous traditional dish in Yunnan Province.

2.Flower Triagle Plum(花三角梅)

The flower triangle plum alias leaves flower, triangle flower, nine times Pueraria, treasure towel, belongs to the Mirabilaceae, has the dust absorption, the drug use function, has the strong absorption function, can purify the air, the greening beautifies the environment; moreover, the flower color resists to look, is also ideal bonsai, Potted flower cultivated species, strong ornamental.

3.Spot-return Cake

Kunming's unique famous spot. It is white as snow, soft and refreshing, fragrant, salty and sweet, old and young. The cake is white in color, soft in texture, sweet and salty, comfortable to eat, not dry, easy to digest, especially suitable for the elderly, children and patients.

4.Baohong Tea

The tea enjoys the reputation of "fragrance, after the lip left fragrance, taste fresh", also is known as "the house stir-fried tea full of fragrance, the courtyard of tea outside, a person to make tea full of room fragrance".

Where to Buy in Yiliang County?

● Pingfeng Yiliang Specialty(萍峰宜良特产) is located in No.178 of Jinxing Housing Estate in Yiliang County.

● Yibo Yiliang Specialty(益波宜良特产) is located in No.10 of Wenquan Road in Yiliang County.

● Yiliang Shopping Garden(宜良购物公园) is located in te junction of Xiangyafu Road and Pangjiang Road.

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