Yimen County Culture

When people come to Yimen, they will enjoy the unique ethnic customs of Yi, and they may see some local architectures in this small county. Yimen is a good place to enjoy the special culture of Miao, Yi and Hani ethnic minorities, whose costumes and language are unique.

1.Ethnic Groups in Yimen County

Many ethnic minorities inhabit in Yimen county, among them, Yi, Miao and Hani ethnic minorities are dominant.

2. Traditional Ethnic Villages

There are 3 ethnic villages in Yimen County, which are Waitoushan Village of Xiaojie Town in Yimen County, Yuxi(玉溪市易门县小街乡歪头山村), Baiyi Village of Shijie Town in Yimen County, Yuxi(玉溪市易门县十街乡摆依村) and Pingtanzi Village of Longquan Residential District in Yimen County, Yuxi(玉溪市易门县龙泉街道中屯社区平滩子村).

3. Ethnic Festivals

Festivals are a major feature of ethnic minorities. In Yimen county, every ethnic groups celebrates their own festival, such as the "Tiaoyaba" Festival and Torch Festival.