Yongde County Attractions

Diverse landforms, temperate climate and multiple ethnic groups contribute to the beautiful natural scenery and good quality fruits in Yongde county. Here is the introduction of some attractions.

1. Yongde Snow Mountain(永德大雪山)

Yongde Snow Mountain is national nature reserve. It is located in the east of Yongde County, 90 kilometers from the government seat of Lincang prefecture. As a medium-sized national nature reserve of forest ecosystem type, it is rich in biodiversity. And it is one of the key areas of biodiversity with world significance.

2. Yongde Fairy Root(永德仙根)

Fairy root, also known as earth Buddha, is located in Yongkang town, Yongde County, 50 kilometers away from the county seat. The soil is mainly red and yellow and mostly in gravel shape. There are more than 200 Earth Buddhas, which cover 1000 square meters.

3. Mangfei Tea Mountain(忙肺古茶树)

Mangfei mountain is located in Yongde county, Yunnan province. Yongde county is one of the birthplaces of tea tree in the world.

4. Ten thousand Mu Mango Garden(万亩古茶园)

Yongde county is known as "the hometown of mango in China". At present, there are more than 30 high-quality varieties with an area of 43,000 mu, with an annual output of 30,000 tons and an agricultural output value of 39 million yuan.