Yongde County Dining

In Yongde county you can enjoy the special food with unique ethnic flavor such as Yongde Mango(永德芒果), Makuo fruit (骂萿果), Bean Powder Rice Noodle(豌豆粉米线), Gourd pear in Wu Mulong (乌木龙的葫芦梨), Limi People’s Leixiang tea in bamboo(俐侎人竹筒雷响茶).

Yongde Mango(永德芒果)

Mango, king of fruit, is the woody fruit which is suitable for the subtropical. Yongde county is one of the few main mango producing areas. Abundant thermal resources bring favorable conditions for mango growth. Yongde is the largest mango production base in Yunnan province. It is known as "the Hometown of Mango" for its large area of mango planting.

MaKuo fruit(骂萿果)

Mahuo fruit is a wild fruit in Yongde county of Lincang ,Yunnan. It tastes sour. The locals like to eat it as condiment. It is very popular among people  in Yongde county.

Bean Powder Rice Noodle(豌豆粉米线)

This special local snack of Lincang uses good quality rice noodle and pea powder as major material, seasoning with sesame, ginger, chili oil, garlic mash and sauce etc.

Recommended Restaurants

1. Private Home Cuisine Restaurant(冷家私房菜馆)

Tel: 0883-5214333

Address: Yongan East Road, Landscape Ecology Housing Estate, Dedang Town(永安东路园林生态小区)

Specialties: Tiger Frog with Pickled Pepper(泡椒虎蛙), Honeycomb Corn(蜂窝玉米), Yongde Stewed Meat(永德卤肉).

2. Bamboo House of Dai(傣乡园竹楼 )

Tel: 13759378961

Address: Near Yongkang Bus Terminal(永康客运站附近)

Specialties: Lemon Chicken of Dai Flavor(傣味柠檬鸡), Beef Sapie(牛撒撇), Peanut of Dai Flavor(傣味红生).

3. Jiangsan Restuarant(蒋三饭店)

Tel: 13988323754

Specialties: Pickled Small Bones(腌小骨头), Ham(老火腿), Stewed Mutton(羊扒烀).

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