Yongde County Shopping

In this part, specialties in Yongde county will be introduced. You can get some information about local specialties, and know where to buy them.

Local Specialties

1. Yongde Walnut

Yongde county has a long history of walnut planting. Yongde Walnut is the specialty in Yongde county, Lincang city. Walnut planting area in Yongde has broken through one million units of area, become the real "Hometown of Walnut".

2. Yongde Mango

Mango, king of fruit, is the woody fruit which is suitable for the subtropical. Yongde county is one of the few main mango producing areas. Abundant thermal resources bring favorable conditions for mango growth. Yongde is the largest mango production base in Yunnan province. It is known as "the Hometown of Mango" for its large area of mango planting.

3. Yongde Myrobalan(永德诃子)

Yongde myrobalan is a famous traditional Chinese medicine with good quality in Yunnan province. Yongde myrobalan is mainly located in the Yongkang river basin, covers more than 13000 units of area, accounts for half of the province's annual output. Yongde is called "the Hometown of  Myrobalan in China".

Other  specialties like Yongde Tea, Wumulong Gourd Pear(乌木龙葫芦梨), Yongde Litchi, Makuo Fruit(骂萿果) and Yongde Pea Jelly(永德豌豆凉粉) and so on.

Places to Buy

1. Yongtong Commercial Center Market(永通商贸中心市场)

Address: Dedang Road, Dedang Town, Yongde County(临沧市永德县德党路)

2. Jia Jia Le Supermarket(佳佳乐超市)

Address: Dedang Street, Dendang Town, Yongde County, Lincang CIty(临沧市永德县德党街)

3. Tianhui Shopping Mall(天惠购物广场)

Address: No.7 Township Road, Yongkang Town, Yongde County(临沧市永德县007乡道)

Fruits can buy at farmers' market, it is not difficult to find the farmers' market in a small county.

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