Yongde County Transportation

When it comes to the transportation, it is one of the necessary conditions for travel. Yongde County (永德县) is located in the northwest of Lincang prefecture, Yunnan, China. Like most other counties in Lincang, transportation is mainly long-distance bus.

Get in and leave

Bus terminals in Yongde county. 

1. Yongde Bus Terminal(永德客运站)

Address: Near highway 313 of Yongde County, Lincang(临沧市永德县313省道附近)

Tel: 0883-521 1125

2. Dashan Bus Terminal in Yongde(永德大山客运站)

Address: Near Dachong Road of Yongde county(临沧市永德县大崇段附近)

3. Yongkang Bus Terminal(永康客运站)

Address: Provincial road 313, Yongkang Town, Yongde county, Lincang(临沧市永德县永康镇313省道)

Tel:0883- 581 1237

4. Yongdian Bus Terminal(永甸客运站)

Address: Shimeng Road of Yongde county, Lincang(云南省临沧市永德县施孟路)

5. Daxueshan Bus Terminal(大雪山客运站)

Address: Xuemeng Road, Daxueshan Township, Yongde County(临沧市永德县大雪山乡雪勐段)

Every town and township in Yongde county has their own Bus Terminal.

Kunming West Bus Station to Yongde County

Departure Station  Terminal Departure Time Price Note Car type Mileage(Km)
 Kunming Yongde 10:00-20:00 249/275 Lincang   726

 Tips: for reference to the date of publication time, whichever Terminal.

Get around

Taxi is quite convenient for visitors if they are not so familiar with one place and it helps passengers avoid getting lost or waste too much time finding the exact way. In Yongde, excluding bus, taxi is most easily available.