Yongping County Overview

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 永平县
  • Location: in the west of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture
  • Area: About 4,934 square kilometers
  • Population: 200,000
  • Language: Multiethnic language
  • Postal code: 672600
  • Area code(s): 0872

Where to Stay

Yongping County accommodation is convenient and comfortable. You can choose different hotels according to your requirements.

What to Visit

Yongping county is a charming city with green hills and clear water, its tourism resources are unique and various. Within the territory, there are over 10 scenic plots such as Xinguang Neolithic Site, Jinguang Temple, Baotaishan National Forest Park, Qudong Hot Spring, Yuhuangge (Jade Emperor) Pavillion, Laojiangpo Cliff Inscriptions, Bonan Ancient Road.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for touring Dali is between March and June every year, because at that time there is the celebration for the March Street in Dali. It is also the time when the camellias are in bloom. It is warm and there is no wind or sand. Similarly, the best time for touring Yongping County is also between March and June.


The "Southwest Silk Road" is one of the earliest ancient roads in China. The Ancient Road is one of the most important ones. The Ancient Road is more than 100 kilometers in Yongping County. It is a relatively intact section.


Yongping County has a long history. The Xinguang Neolithic Cultural Site discovered and discovered in May 1993 proves that humans flourished here in the Neolithic Age from 3,700 to 4,000 years ago.

What to Buy                                                                                       

There are many special things that you can buy, such as Yongping fermented soybean, Yongping stew chicken, preserved goose, qalnuts in Qutong.


Each place has its own special dishes in China. Yongping fermented soybean, Yongping stew chicken, preserved goose.

Administrative Division

Yongping County is under Dali County’s jurisdiction.There are 4 towns and 7 townships in Yongping: Nuodeng Town(诺邓镇), Caojian Town (漕涧镇), Jiuzhou Town(旧州镇), Baishi Town(白石镇), Baofeng Township(宝丰乡), Guanping Township(关坪乡)), Tuanjie Township(团结乡), Jiancao Township(检槽乡), Changxin Township(长新乡), Miaowei Township(苗尾乡), Minjian Township(民建乡).

Ethnic Groups

There are more than 20 ethnic groups in Bailong, including Bai, Han, Yi, Miao, Hui and Lisu Ethnic Minority.


The major festivals around Yongping County include Kuoshi Festival of Lisu Ethnic Minority, Torch Festival, Eid al-Fitr Festival of Hui Ethnic Minority, Eryueba Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority, Duanwu Huajie Festival, Danglu Festival.


Location of Yongping County (pink), Dali Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan province (light grey) within China Location of Yongping County (pink), Dali Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan province (light grey) within China