Yongping County Dining

There are many different special foods in Yongping County. When you visit in Yongping County, never forget taste local food.

Yongping Fermented Soybean

As a traditional spice in Yongping County of Dali Prefecture, it is made from fermented soya. The most enjoyed fermented soybeans are those locally made in towns such as Shanyang and Bonan.

Yongping Stew Chicken

Yongping stew chicken is a well-known dish in Yunnan. Yongping Count is famous for some exquisite dishes related to chicken, such as braised chicken and stew chicken with pawpaw. Dating back to about 1,000 years ago, people living in the border of Yunnan came to Yongping with the recipe, and later it became a famous local dish.

Preserved Goose

It is mainly produced in the Muslim villages of Qudong Town. It tastes delicious, which famous for its light fragrance and mild.


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