Yongshan County Accommodation

Where to stay: Yongshan county has many cheap and comfortable hotels, some of them are listed as follow, it may help you when you travel here:

Yongshan Mango Theme Hotel(永善芒果主题酒店)


Address:opposite the No.2 Middle School on the Huancheng Road(环城路永二中正对面 )

The Bright Pearl of Jinsha River Hotel(金江明珠大酒店)


Address: in Xiluodu town, Yongshan county(永善县溪洛渡镇)

Taifeng Hotel(泰丰大酒店)

Tel:0870-4571777; 0870-4571888; 0870-4571999

Address: No.124 on the Yuquan Road in Yongshan county(永善县玉泉路124号)

Jinsha River Hotel(金沙江大酒店)

Tel:0870-4127234; 0870-4127456; 0870-4127555

Address: in the middle part of Zhenxing Avenue in Yongshan county(永善县振兴大街中段)

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