Yongshan County Administrative Divisions

There are 13 towns and 2 ethnic towns in Yongshan county of Zhaotong. They are Luoxi town(溪洛渡镇), Guixi town(桧溪镇), Huanghua town(黄华镇), Maolin town(茂林镇), Daxing town(大兴镇), Lianfeng town(莲峰镇), Tuanjie town(团结乡), Xisha town(细沙乡), Qingsheng town(青胜乡), Wuji town(务基乡), Manan Miao ethnic town(马楠苗族彝族乡), Shuizhu town(水竹乡), Mohan town(墨翰乡), Wuzhai Yi ethnic town(伍寨彝族苗族乡), Makou town(码口乡).