Yongshan County Climate

Yongshan is a typical mountainous county, with high peaks and deep valleys, and its’ highest elevation is 3199.5 meters and the lowest is 320 meters. There are five rivers in its’ territory: Jinsha river(金沙江), Gui Xizi river(桧溪子河), Da Maotan river(大毛滩河), Jingdishui river(井底水河) and Longchong river(龙冲河). Under the influence of the special geographical conditions, Yongshan county belongs to mid-subtropical moist monsoon climate. Because of the great dispersion in elevation, the distinction on vertical is significant. The annual average temperature is 16.4℃ and the annual average precipitation is 666 mm.

Best time to visit

The weather is good to go to Yongshan for every season, and people can enjoy different sceneries in different seasons.

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