Yongshan County Shopping

Yongshan county(永善县) is rich in natural resources. You can find many kinds of local specialties in the local market. Usually, in each town, the markets are opened three days a time, and in the county seat, markets are opened everyday. Those local products of high quality will satisfy you anyway.  If you don’t know what to buy in these local market, some local specialties are listed as follow:

Jinjiang White Konjak(金江白魔芋)

White konjak is the local specialty of Yongshan county, it enjoys the good reputation of the Queen of konjak. Proved by medical science, white konjak has the functions of appetizing, detoxifying, losing weight and so on. It is the natural health caring food. In addition, white konjak is widely used in many fields like cosmetic, petroleum, building material, etc.

Jinjiang Pepper(金江花椒) 

Pepper is an indispensable seasoning in our daily life, at the same time, it is the raw material of essence. Jinjiang pepper is known for its’ fragrance, nice shape and heath caring function.

Wild-Kiwi-Fruit01.jpgWild Kiwi Fruit(野生猕猴桃)

According to survey, there are 23 varieties of kiwi fruit in Yongshan county. Kiwi fruit plays a vital role in protecting human from absorbing cancerogen, at the same time, it can restrain the growing of cancer cell. The cane, root, branches and leaves of wild kiwi fruit are very good Chinese medicine material.

Other local specialties in Yongshan county: fructus amomi(砂仁), orange, Luohan bamboo shoots.

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