Yongshan County Travel Tips

Useful Numbers

Consumer Complaint: 12315

Tourist Complaint: 0870-2122835 0870-2123079

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Weather Forecast: 121

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Dressing Tips

March - June, September - November: People can dress some thin clothes and take some coats or jackets for different changes between morning and night.
July - August: People should dress some cool clothes for it is so hot and someone could take some raincoats and Rash Guards.
December - February: When it comes to Winter, people need to take some thick clothes to keep warm and take some scarves and hats to protect their head.
More details: If you want to go to the attractions, you should wear some alpine jackets, hiking boots.

Best Time to Visit

The weather is good to go to Yongshan for every season, and people can enjoy different sceneries in different seasons.

Ethnic culture

There are some ethnic people living there, so you should respect their customs and avoid doing something bad to effect their lives.
1.Avoiding crossing the fireplace. The Yi ethnic minority regard fire as the most important thing in their lives.
2.Do not eat dog, kill dog and beat dog. This is forbidden by the Mao ethnic minority.


Because Yongshan is a small county, there is no 5-star or 4-star hotels. If you need these 5-star and 4-star hotels, you can go to Zhaotong for 4-star hotels and to Kunming for 5-star hotels. Although the county is small, the hotels are clean and confortable. 


The transportation system of Yongshan is poor now. There is no airport and train station. So people need to take long-distance buses from Kunming and Zhaotong. And then do not take the unlicensed cab or taxi when you stay in Yongshan.


You can change you money in Kunming and Zhaotong, for there is not any bank which could help you exchange money.

Postal Saving Bank of China(Yonshan Sub-Branch)

Address: on the Yuquan Road in Yongshan county(永善县玉泉路)

Tel: 0870-4123057


Agricultural Bank of China (Yonshan Sub-Branch)

Address: in Xiluodu Town, Yongshan county(永善县溪洛渡镇)

Tel: 0870-4122150


Yongshan County Rural Credit Cooperatives Union

Address: on the Jinjiang Road in Yongshan county(永善县金江路)

Tel: 0870-4123795


Yongshan County People’s Hospital(永善县人民医院)

Tel:  0870-4125540

Address: No.24 on the Yuquan Road in Yongshan county(永善县玉泉路24号)


Yongshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(永善县中医院)

Tel: 0870-4127132

Address: on the Xinhua Street in Yongshan county(永善县新华街)