Yongsheng County Overview

1. Basic Information

● Chinese Name: 永胜县

● Area: 5099 square kilometer

● Population: 392024(2010)

● Zip code: 674200

● Dialing code: (+86) 0888 

● Altitude: 2140

2. Location

Yongsheng County is located in the northwest of Yunnan province, southeast of Lijiang city, acrossing east longitude 100 ° 22 '- 101 ° 11', north latitude 25 ° 59 '- 27 ° 04'. It borders Huaping county in the east, Dayao County of Chuxiong Prefecture in the southeast, Yulong County of Lijiang and Heqing County of Dali in the west, Ninglang County in the north and Binchuan County of Dali in the south.The government sits in the Yongbei Town, 480 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming, 103 kilometers to Lijiang ancient city, 200 kilometers to Dali city, and 174 kilometers to Panzhihua city of Sichuan province.

3. Administrative Division

By 2008, Yongsheng County has jurisdiction over 5 towns and 10 townships. The town government sits in Yongbei Town.

 5 Towns: Yongbei Town(永北镇), Renhe Town(仁和镇), Qina Town(期纳镇), Chenghai Town(程海镇), Sanchuan Town(三川镇)

 10 Townships: Yangping Yi Ethnic Township(羊坪彝族乡), Liude Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(六德傈僳族彝族乡), Dongshan Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(东山傈僳族彝族乡), Dongfeng Lisu Ethnic Township(东风傈僳族乡), Taoyuan Township(涛源乡), Pianjiao Township(片角乡), Guanghua Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(光华傈僳族彝族乡), Songping Lisu and Yi Ethnic Township(松坪傈僳族彝族乡), Daan Yi and Naxi Ethnic Township(大安彝族纳西族乡), Shunzhou Township(顺州乡)

4. Climate

Yongsheng County is located in the area of low latitude and high altitude, where the north subtropical mountain monsoon climate dominates. Due to the large elevation difference and complex landforms within the county, there are various types of three-dimensional climate. The general climate characteristics are: dry in spring and winter, rainy in summer and autumn, hot and dry in the south, warm and humid in the north. Annual temperature change is small and the time and space difference of precipitation is large. The annual total solar radiation quantity is 136.2 kcal/cm2 with good light quality, and sufficient light with 2403.6 hours of sunshine. The county seat is Yongbei Town, where the average temperature of 13.5 ℃, the lowest average monthly temperature of 6.1 ℃ and the hottest average monthly temperature of 19.0℃. 

5. People

As of 2008, Yongsheng county is home to 12 long-dwelling ethnic groups. Besides the Han, these ethnic groups with the population of over 10,000 are Lisu (over 51,000), Yi (over 36,000), Naxi (over 9,200), Bai (over 6,000), Dai (over 5,000) and Hui (over 4,000). Other minorities in Yongsheng county include Zhuang, Miao, Lahu, Wa, Yao, Tibetan, Jingpo, Blang, Buyi, Achang, Hani, Xibo, Pumi, Mongolian, Nu, Jinuo, Deang, Shui, Manchu and Dulong.

6. Best Time to Visit

Yongsheng County is suitable for sightseeing all year round, and the scenery in Spring and Autumn is the most beautiful. 

7. Features

● Abundant Natural and Historical Sites: Yongsheng County boasts a multitude of attractions such as Hongshiyan Ancient Earthquake Site, Wisdom Source Grove, Liude Stele Forest, Chenghai Lake, etc.

● Ethnic Culture: There are 7 ethnic township located in Yongsheng County where you can deeply experience the ethnic culture.

8. Things to Do

Hongshiyan Ancient Earthquake Site(红石崖古地震遗址), the most complete and spectacular ancient earthquake site in the world; Lingyuanjing(灵源箐), place of interest in west Yunnan; Yangping Reservoir(羊坪水库), the biggest Reservoir in Yonsheng County; Chenghai Lake(程海), one of the world's three natural spirulina lakes... Take your pace and enjoy what Yongsheng County offers you.

9. History

Yongsheng County has a long history and Yongbei town is one of the important spots along the ancient tea and horse road. In the sixth year of Yuanding (111 BC) in the western Han dynasty, Yongsheng is the county seat of Suijiu, belonging to Yuexi State whose capital was today's Xichang City. In the third year of the Jianxing of Shuhan (AD 225), Zhuge Liang, the prime minister, set up the prefecture and made Suijiu county into Yunnan county with the capital in today's Dali state.

10. Shopping

As “the Land of Fish and Rice”, Yongsheng County boasts too many local products such as Sanchuan Ham, Spiral Seaweed, Walnut Products, Honey, Yonsheng Pomegranate, etc.

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