Yulong County Shopping

Yulong County is rich in natural resources and ethnic culture, which provides tourist lots to experience and appreciate. Here we list some local specialties which you can choose to buy as souvenir or gifts for your friends or relatives.

1. Silver Products

Even in the Qing Dynasty, Lijiang silver ornaments had won great reputation in Tibet, India, Nepal etc. The silver ornament is soft and bright in color. It is said that it could also avoid evil spirits in the locals' minds.

2.Snow Tea

The precious Snow Tea in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a Lichen tea plant. This tea have significant effects on sore throat, mouth ulcers, also have effect on lipid-lowering blood pressure, lose weight, which is a natural health drink.

3.Wild Gastrodia Elata

Wild Gastrodia Elata grows in the alpine jungle of Jade Snow Mountain at the altitude of 100-2500 meters. Medicinally, it is used for 'calming the liver'and for treating headaches, dizziness, tetanus, and epilepsy.

4. Wild Toadstool

In the past, the Naxi Chieftain of Lijiang take it as a tribute to the emperor. It can be steamed with minced pork or stewed with chicken or duck.

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