Yunxian County Dining

When it comes to Yunxian county, chicken rice noodle and Stewed meat rice noodle are an unforgettable memory for wanderers, Stewed Chicken with Preserved Meat and Papaya(腊肉木瓜煮鸡), Lancang River fish, Mutton of Changpoling in Yunxian County(长坡岭羊肉), Zhuafan of Wa(佤族手抓饭), Grill of Dai, Various snacks in Huiying Street(回营街), sour, sweet and spicy. If you are a foodie, Yunxian county will be a good place to start your cate journey.

What to Eat

1. Shutoucai(树头菜)

Shutoucai is a new green and ecological food with many functions such as edible, medicinal and health care. Shutoucai is one of the characteristic industries of Yongbao town, Yunxian county. Cultivated area in the whole town is more than 2000 units of area.

2. Chicken Rice Noddle(云县鸡肉米线)

If you don’t eat a bowl of Chicken Rice Noddle in Yunxian county, it's just like you’ve never been there. Although the Yunxian county rice noodle is not as famous as the bridge rice noodle, but Yunxian county rice noodle occupies an unshakable position in Lincang even Yunnan special snacks. Therefore, the chicken rice noodle in Yunxian county is included in the intangible cultural heritage.

3. Chai's Pulled Chicken(柴氏手撕鸡)

Chai's pulled chicken in Yunxian county has been passed down for 600 years and it is one of the intangible cultural heritages in Lincang. The main ingredient is black chicken and special spices like anise, tsaoko(草果) and pepper etc.

4. Stewed Pork Ribs with Yongbao Radish(涌宝萝卜煨排骨)

In Yunxian county, when it comes to radish, what firstly comes to mind is Yongbao winter radish. It is both fruit and vegetable, commonly known as fruit radish. Therefore, Yongbao winter radish as main material is essential.

5. Stewed Chicken with Preserved Meat and Papaya(腊肉木瓜煮鸡)

The main raw material of the cuisine is preserved meat, white flower Pawpaw and Local chicken. The most famous Stewed Chicken with Preserved Meat and Papaya(腊肉木瓜鸡) is in Yantouyan(羊头岩), the junction of Yunxian county and Linxiang District. People who are interested in this dish goes there for taste.

Recommended Places to Eat

1. Farmer's House Yangtouyan Stewed Chicken with Preserved Meat and Papaya(农夫之家羊头岩火腿木瓜鸡)

Address: Yingxin Road, Aihua Town, Yunxian County(云县爱华镇迎新路)

Tel: 15012001432

2. Dai Restaurant(景傣园)

Address: No.169 Xingyun Avenue, Sanjiang Peninsula, Yunxian County(云县三江半岛星云大道169号)

Tel: 0883-3891717

Of course, western restaurants are available, like Dicos in Yunxian County wealth center and cafe restaurant in the second floor of Chenguang Building, Xinxing Street.

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