Zhanyi District Shopping

When people come to Zhanyi, it is necessary to take some Zhanyi district local products. Zhanyi's local specialty products are didderent from the other places of Qujing, and they make their unique ways to differ from others and create some new industries. People can get these products from the local shops and some markets.

What to Buy in Zhanyi District

Zhanyi Small Cake(沾益小粑粑)
Zhanyi Small Cake, the cake stuffed with ham mainiy, is called “Huotuituo”, which is commonly known as “Siliangtuo” with bean paste and white sugar. It is one of the special foods with different flavors in glutinous cakes, and also one of the unique specialties in the flavor.

Baishui Tofu(白水豆腐)
Baishui Tofu is a specialty of Baishui Town, Zhanyi County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province. Baishui in the Qing Dynasty, its tofu has been famous all over the world. At that time, Baishui Town was just a station. Once every time, people would come to the tofu stall of Li, a surname of Li, in Baishui Village, and took the bean curd on the return trip.

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