Zhaotong Shopping

Zhaotong is always regarded as the one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel. When you travel to Zhaotong, you can not only enjoy the beautiful sceneries, taste the delicious food, but also take many specialties home. Zhaotong Shopping Tour is a great tourism route, which makes you forget to leave Zhaotong. Yunnan Exploration will introduce the main local products and solve the problem-what to buy in Zhaotong and where to buy in Zhaotong.

What to Buy in Zhaotong

Local Products in Zhaotong

Zhaotong Red Fuji Apple(昭通红富士苹果)

Zhaotong city is known to all for its apple. Zhaotong is the paradise of apple for its weather condition and soil condition. In 1989, USDA listed Zhaotong as the excellent southern apple producing base. Today, apple planting has became one of the mainstay industry of Zhaotong city. Red Fuji apple is famous for its big size, nice flavor and full-bodied fragrance. Every year, red Fuji Apple is sold to not only all parts of the country, but also to southeastern countries.

Small Bowl Brown Sugar(小碗红糖)

Small bowl brown sugar is widely produced in Jinsha River area of Qiaojia county. It is made of local sugarcane of high quality by  traditional technology. Since the late Qing Dynasty, it has enjoyed high reputation, especially among minority people in Qinghai, Tibet and Sichuan Province.

Zhaotong Sauce(昭通酱)

Zhaotong sauce is the local product of Zhaotong city, it is widely loved by urban citizens. As a nice seasoning, Zhaotong sauce mixes the features of Sichuan flavor and Yunnan flavor. The process of make Zhaotong sauce is complex, but its quality is guaranteed. You can buy it as a gift to your relatives and friends.

Wax Printing(蜡染)

Wax printing is the handicraft of minority people in Zhaotong City, especially Miao people. The sculpts of Daguan wax printing are mainly stream, grass and flower, fish, insect, bird and so on. It draws materials widely, and is full of romantic color. The styles are also various. Daguan wax printing has a high collection value.


Potato is the most common food material in Yunnan province. The output of potato in Zhenxiong County ranks first among counties in Zhaotong city. The altitude of Zhenxiong county ranges from 630m to 1786m, the temperature difference between day and night is obvious. These unique weather conditions is quite suitable for the growing of potato.

Ludian Cherry(鲁甸樱桃)

Since 2006, the Ludian Cherry Culture Tourism Festival has become a business card for the county's tourism industry. The reason why Ludian cherries with Xiaozhai cherries are so popular with the world is inseparable from the unique ecological agriculture tourism conditions in Xiaozhai Township.

Bitter Buckwheat(苦荞)

Bitter buckwheat is the specialty of Zhaotong City. It is planted in Dashanbao, Zhaotong City. Zhaotong bitter buckwheat is rich in nutrition, and it is suitable for young and elder. In addition, bitter buckwheat has the function of promoting metabolism and strengthening human body.

Tiny Pleat Cloak(细褶子披毡)

Tiny pleat cloak is popular among Zhaotong farmers for its white color and elegance, endurance and warm-keeping. Most cadres who work in the rural mountain areas would like buy ting pleat cloak as their thermal cloth. If you come from cold region, the cloak would be a good choice for you to keep warm.

Yuezhonggui Food(月中桂食品)

Yue Zhonggui Pastries Factory of Zhaotong City was founded in 1925. It is a food industrial enterprise producing green bean cake, black sesame cake and various moon cakes. It is widely loved by consumers in the local place and across the country. The factory producing green bean cake, black sesame cake, oat cake and bitter buckwheat cake with different norms, including 10 gram, 50 gram, 150 gram and 300 gram and so on.

Tea in Zhaotong

Yanjin Kangzhuan Tea(盐津康砖茶)

As early as in 1960s, Yanjin county was listed as one of the 107 highlighted tea producing county. Kangzhuan tea is the specialty of Yanjin county, it is mainly sold to Tibet. It is made of golden jade tea, the manufacture is not complex while its taste is fragrant.

Broadleaf Holly Leaf(苦丁茶)

Shuifu City is one of the main producing areas of broadleaf holly leaf. The leaf is not only a kind of herbal tea, but also a useful medicinal material. It is named so because of its bitter taste and black look. In Shuifu City, farmers plant it for their own drinking, and the surplus is sold in the local market.

Cuihua Tea(翠华茶)

Cuihua tea has a long history of more than 500 years. According to Daguan County Annuals, Cuihua Tea was appraised as the second-class brand in the Panama Pacific International Exposition. It is known to people for its beautiful shape, nice taste and fragrance.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Zhenxiong gastrodia elata(镇雄天麻)

Gastrodia elata is a precious medicinal material. Zhenxiong is the hometown of gastrodia elata. Zhenxiong gastrodia elata is famous for its good quality and nice shape. As the most important feature of its quality, Zhenxiong gastrodia elata’s content of amino acid ranks No.1 in China. 


Dendrobium, as a valuable and expensive Chinese herb, has attracted great attention at home and abroad in recent years. 
Dendrobium cariniferum live only in Yunnan Province, so it was greatly significance to research its genetic diversity.

Where to Buy in Zhaotong

Generally speaking, local products and souvenirs can be bought in shopping malls, supermarkets, as well as exclusive shops and stores. 

Shopping Malls in Zhaotong

  • Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza(沃尔玛购物广场)
    Add: Zhonghui Commercial Center, Shaotong Avenue, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City(昭通市昭阳区邵通大道中汇商业中心)
    Tel: (0870)2855031
  • Xintiandi Shopping Plaza(新天地购物广场)
    Add: North 150 meters of the Intersection of Xiapai Street and North Shuncheng Street(下排街与北顺城街交叉口北150米)
  • Hengbang Shopping Plaza(恒邦购物广场)
    Add: No. 170 Qingnian Road, Fenghuan Subdistrict, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City(昭通市昭阳区凤凰街道青年路170号)
  • Ludian Shiji Hualian Shopping Plaza(鲁甸世纪华联购物广场)
    Add: No. 61 Shijie Avenue, Ludian County, Zhaotong City(昭通市鲁甸县世纪大道61号)
    Tel: 18787739990
  • Jianianhua Shopping Plaza(佳年华购物广场)
    Add: Chunhui Community, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City(昭通市昭阳区春晖小区)
    Tel: (0870)2845863
  • Jinfuyuan Shopping(金福源购物)
    Add: No. 65 Minxin Street, Hailou Road, Fenghuang Subdistrict(凤凰街道海楼路民欣街65号)
    Tel: 13408875027

Specialty Stores in Zhaotong

  • Zhaotong Local Products Store(昭通特产店)
    Add: No. 24 Chongyi Street(崇义街24号)
    Tel: /
  • Yuanyoufu Local Products Store(源有富土特产店)
    Add: Next to No. 1 Traffic Police Brigade, Hailou Road(海楼路交警一大队旁)
    Tel: 13638854815/13888569527
  • Yijiaren Local Products Snack Food(怡佳仁特产休闲食品)
    Add: No. 18 of Building 30 Jidu Agricultural Trade Market, Shuitangba Community, Taiping Subdistrict Office(太平办事处水塘坝社区计都农贸综合市场30栋18号)
    Tel: 15925088356
  • Feiming Local Products(飞明土特产)
    Add: No. 215 Fengxia Road, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City(昭通市昭阳区凤霞路215号)
  • Gengyun Local Products(耕耘土特产)
    Add: No. 137 Zhenxing Road, Zhaoyang District(昭阳区振兴路137号)
    Tel: 13887000012

Supermarkets in Zhaotong

  • Zhaotong RT-Mart Supermarket(昭通大润发超市)
    Add: Floor -1, Zhaotong Financial Center, Fenghuang Subdistrict, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City(昭通市昭阳区凤凰街道昭通金融中心负一层)
    Tel: (0870)2238866
  • Legou Shopping(乐购购物)
    Add: Next to Jinding Hotel, Zhaoyang Avenue(昭阳大道金鼎大酒店旁)
    Tel: (0870)2122111
  • Xinxin Supermarket(欣欣超市)
    Add: No. 30 Gengyun Street(耕耘街30号)
    Tel: 13578095557
  • Yangguang Supermarket(阳光超市)
    Add: No. 105 Zhuquan Road, Longquan Subdistrict(龙泉街道珠泉路105号)
    Tel: (0870)2165666/(0870)2164888
  • Meijiajia Supermarket(美家佳超市)
    Add: No. 253 Hailou Road, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province(云南省昭通市昭阳区海楼路253号)
    Tel: 13508706683

Regional Shopping in Zhaotong