Zhaoyang District Accommodation


There are some 4-star and 3-star hotels in Zhaoyang District. Although the 5-star hotel is not in Zhaotong, but these hotels following are clean and comfortable to visit.

  Name 名称 Adrress 地址 Tel
4-star Zhaotong Jianshan Hotel 昭通江山大酒店 The middle of Hailou Road , Zhaoyang District 昭阳区海楼路中段 0870 316 9999
4-star Zhaotong Ziguang Boutique Hotel 昭通紫光精品酒店 Finacial Central Block C , Zhaoyang Road , Zhaoyang District 昭阳区昭阳大道金融中心C座 0870 863 0999
4-star Zhaotong Fengxixiangrui Hotel 昭通凤禧祥瑞大饭店 Beside the Xinbaida Supermarket , Hailou Road , Zhaoyang District 昭阳区海楼路新百大旁 0870 285 5555
3-star Zhaotong Hotel 昭通大酒店 No.120, Hailou Road ,Zhaoyang District 昭阳区海楼路120号 0870 224 5555
3-star Zhaotong Qiucheng Hotel 昭通秋城酒店 Beside the Fenghuang Street Office ,Fengxia Road Extention ,Zhaoyang District 昭阳区凤霞路延长线凤凰街道办旁 0870 288 8666
3-star Zhaotong Yonghong Hot Spring Hotel and Resort 昭通永宏温泉度假酒店 No.3 , Zhaowei Road , Zhaoyang District 昭阳区昭威路3号 0870 216 7999

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