Zhaoyang District Dining

As the saying goes: Zhaotong bred chef since the ancient time(昭通自古出名厨). That’s  why so many famous local dishes and snacks  in Zhaotong today. For Lying in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the eating habits of Zhaotong people are deeply influenced by Sichuan cuisine and Guizhou cuisine. Some famous local dishes and snacks are listed as follow:

Zhaotong Roast PotatoZhaotong Roast Potato(昭通烤洋芋)

Zhaotong in the northeast of Yunnan Province is a large grower of potatoes due to its mountainous farmlands. Strolling on the streets of Zhaotong, you may find there are many snack stalls serving roast-on-the-spot potatoes. A charcoal brazier for roasting potatoes is a popular draw for most snack explorers to Zhaotong.

Chicken stewed with rhizoma gastrodiae in Zhaotong(昭通天麻火锅鸡)

Zhaotong City in the northeast of Yunnan is a big rhizoma gastrodiae producer in China. Widely used in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), rhizoma gastrodiae is also usually stewed with chicken, giving birth to a local signature delicacy one must try when in Zhaotong.

Bean Jelly(豌豆粉)

In Zhaotong, bean jelly is also a signature snack. It varies a lot in such aspects as materials it is made from (like buckwheat, maize and peas), places where it is made (like hot jelly of Dalongdong Area, and cold jelly of Yanshan Area), and producers that specialise in (like Fu's and Zhao's). Generally speaking, most of bean jelly in Zhaotong is made from peas.

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