Zhenkang County Attractions

There are rich natural resources in Zhenkang. Natural resources of Zhenkang include unique border location advantage, superior climate resource, abundant biological resource advantage, abundant water resource, rich mineral resources and regional landscape tourism and ethnic cultural resources advantage. All of these natural resources contributes to unique landscapes.

Transnational Cave(南伞跨国溶洞)

Nansan transnational cave is located on the border of China and Myanmar, 3 kilometers away from the southeast of Nansan town, Zhenkang county. It covers a total area of 6 square kilometers and has peculiar natural landscape in the cave. You can visit 2 kilometers in the cave into Kokang county, the first special zone of Shanbang(掸邦). It is the only "one cave across two countries" natural landscape in Yunnan and even China.

Male and Female Falls(雌雄瀑布)

Zhenkang county is on the border area of southwest Yunnan, bordering Burma. On the road which is not far away from the old county seat of Zhenkang county, Fengwei Town(凤尾镇), two waterfalls cling to the same mountain, waterfall current runs fast, about 30 meters high.

Nanpeng River Natural Reserve(南捧河自然保护区)

Nanpeng river natural reserve is divided into Zhuwa(竹瓦), Mang Bing Hou Qing(忙丙后箐), B aodao mountain(薄刀山) and Xuezhulin mountain(雪竹林山) altogether four reserves. The natural reserve is 62 kilometers long and 35 kilometers wide, the total area of 36970 hectares. There are 42 species of first and second class national protect animals, 19 species of first, second and third class national protected plant; 13 species of second and third class Yunnan protective plant.

In addition, Zhenkang hot spring and Nansan reservoir are popular in Zhenkang county.