Zhenkang County Dining

In Zhenkang, you can enjoy the special dishes with unique ethnic flavor. Such as, Bean Powder Rice Noodle (豌豆粉米线), Chicken Mashed Rice( 鸡肉烂饭), Braised Chinese sauerkraut (酸菜), Pickled Bull Tendon(牛筋肉), Beef Sapie (牛撒撇) and so on.

Braised Chinese sauerkraut 酸扒菜

Braised Chinese sauerkraut is the most common and famous dish of Dai people. it is a staple dish of Dai, in the Dai restaurant, it can be free for guests. It is well-known, because Dai area, everyone knows it and loves it. 

Bean Powder Rice Noodle 豌豆粉米线

This special local snack of Zhenkang uses good quality rice noodle and pea powder as major materials and is seasoned with sesame, ginger, chili oil, garlic mash and sauce etc.

Chicken Mashed Rice 鸡肉烂饭

In Zhenkang, this special rice food is a great Wa dish for welcoming distinguished guests. It is softer than ordinary rice and drier than porridge. The newly harvested rice is stewed in a pot together with tender black bone chicken, many seasonings and vegetables like fennel leaves, green pepper, hot chili, Ahwa cilantro, shallot.

Beef Sapie 牛撒撇

Beef Sapie is the Dai's traditional medicinal food. It is a famous dish for entertaining guests. Also beef Sapie is a special food with peculiar flavor, because its main ingredient is beef tripe.

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