Zhenyuan County Shopping

What to Buy in Zhenyuan County

1. Zhenyuan Coarse Paper

Zhencao paper, also known as tuzhi, has a long history of production. It has been passed down for thousands of years. All the processes are hand-operated. Bamboo split is used as raw material, and more than 30 kinds of processes, such as ramming, steaming, mashing, rinsing and basking, are used, which are made by manual operation; it is a non-grass "coarse paper". the paper surface is smooth and flat, even thickness. The texture is soft and delicate, and the water absorption is strong. Due to the excellent quality of the paper, it is exported to Kunming, Laos, Myanmar and other places, and the supply is in short supply.

2. Zhenyuan Mango

Mango is one of the famous tropical fruit. Because of its delicate sarcocarp and unique flavor, it is deeply loved by people, so it is known as “the king of tropical fruit”.

3. Zhenyuan Polygonum Multiflorum 

Polygonum multiflorum is a perennial herb and a genus of the genus Polygonum. The stem can be more than 3 meters long, often wrapped around other plants. Polygonum multiflorum is an important medicinal material with high nutritional value.

4. Zhenyuan Black Antique Pottery

Black antique pottery is one of the few folk crafts in Zhenyuan County. It absorbs the essence of modern ceramic crafts on the basis of traditional antique pottery craftsmanship and styling. It is finely carved, simple and elegant, and has a unique style. In recent years, Black Antique Pottery, as the most distinctive national cultural tourism product of Zhenyuan County, has been sold both at home and abroad and has been highly praised by Chinese and foreign merchants.

5. Madeng Tea

Madeng Tea is one of the eight famous teas in Yunnan Province. It is produced in Madeng Village, Zhedong Township, Zhenyuan County. Madeng Tea is a arbor-type large leaf tea with the characteristics of green tea, delicious color, and theophylline is not greasy. It is the best quality for the local Yi people to entertain guests.

Where to Buy in Zhenyuan County

In Zhenyuan County, it is convenient to buy the local products. Many shops are sold the local products. Such as,

1. ZhenyuanAncient Tea House Local Products Sales Co., Ltd.

Add: Shop at Construction Bureau, Enshui Road, Zhenyuan County

2. Zhenyuan Qixu Local Products Shop

Add: Dongzima Group, Taihe Village, Zhentai Town, Zhenyuan County

3. Zhenyuan Ailaoshan Yaohao Local Products Exclusive Shop

Add: 75 kilometers of Enshui Road, Heping Town, Zhenyuan County

Zhenyuan County Gold Mine Industrial Park

Zhenyuan County Gold Mine Industrial Park

Chinese Name:镇沅县金矿工业园区 English Name:Zhenyuan County Gold Mine Industrial Park Zhenyuan County Gold Mine Industrial Park obtains a national modernization large-scale gold production base, processing 2000 tons of ore daily....

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