Lijiang Weather in June

Lijiang Weather and Climate in June

When you travel to Lijiang, Lijiang Weather in June becomes warm. The temperature slightly rises, but the summer of Lijiang is cool compared with most cities in China – the average temperature is about 24°C (75°F) by day and 14°C (57°F) at night. And since the rainy season of the city is approaching in June, the air gets wet thanks to the drizzle now and then.

Historical Lijiang Average Daily Temperatures in June

June    Average High  Average Low
1 24°C / 75.2°F 13.4°C / 56.1°F
2 24°C / 75.2°F 13.6°C / 56.5°F
3 24.1°C / 75.4°F 13.7°C / 56.7°F
4 24.1°C / 75.4°F 13.8°C / 56.8°F
5 24.2°C / 75.6°F 13.9°C / 57°F
6 24.2°C / 75.6°F 14°C / 57.2°F
7 24.2°C / 75.6°F 14.1°C / 57.4°F
8 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.2°C / 57.6°F
9 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.3°C / 57.7°F
10 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.4°C / 57.9°F
11 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.4°C / 57.9°F
12 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.5°C / 58.1°F
13 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.6°C / 58.3°F
14 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.7°C / 58.5°F
15 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.7°C / 58.5°F
16 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.8°C / 58.6°F
17 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.8°C / 58.6°F
18 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.9°C / 58.8°F
19 24.3°C / 75.7°F 14.9°C / 58.8°F
20 24.2°C / 75.6°F 15°C / 59°F
21 24.2°C / 75.6°F 15°C / 59°F
22 24.2°C / 75.6°F 15°C / 59°F
23 24.1°C / 75.4°F 15.1°C / 59.2°F
24 24.1°C / 75.4°F 15.1°C / 59.2°F
25 24.1°C / 75.4°F 15.1°C / 59.2°F
26 24°C / 75.2°F 15.1°C / 59.2°F
27 24°C / 75.2°F 15.1°C / 59.2°F
28 23.9°C / 75°F 15.2°C / 59.4°F
29 23.9°C / 75°F 15.2°C / 59.4°F
30 23.8°C / 74.8°F 15.2°C / 59.4°F

What to Wear for a June Lijiang Travel

Lijiang weather in June is warm by day. It is suitable to wear light blouses, T-shirts, long dresses, and light pants. The temperature is lower at night, and it is recommended to wear suits, lined dresses, jackets, and light sweaters.

Places to Visit in June Lijiang

  • Spruce Plateau:
    Spruce Plateau at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is also a good choice. It is a vast meadow surrounded by primeval trees, and there are verdant grasses and wild flowers in spring and summer. No wonder the area is reputed to be a peaceful and beautiful paradise.
  • Lijiang Ancient Town:
    The Lijiang Old Town is built along the lie of mountains and the flow of rivers, providing a very precious sample of the research on the old-time architecture. The unique geographical location, historical background and multiracial inhabitants make it one of the most special. You can enjoy a leisure time at Lijiang Ancient Town.
  •  Longquan Temple,(龙泉寺)Yufeng Temple(玉峰寺)
    It t is also a good time to visit temples in Lijiang, such as Longquan Temple, Puji Temple, and Yufeng Temple. You can ramble among sprouting trees, listen to the monks chanting sutras, and make a wish under the clear sky.
  • Mu’s Residence:
    It reflects the architectural style of the central plains of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its layout is arranged according to the pattern of the Forbidden City. Decorative work, including carvings and paintings of buildings, are similar in style to those in the palace of Ming. Most of the decorations are simple but sublime showing the dignity of the ruler. Some of the buildings show the delicate characteristics of landscape gardens in south China.
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge:
    The best time to visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge is April – June due to the good weather condition. It’s quite popular to hike along the gorge, and you can follow the signs made by other visitors along the way.
  • Ganhaizi Meadow:
    There is the famous large-scaled live-action performance Impression Lijiang, which is directed by Zhang Yimou. It is shown at Ganhaizi Meadow on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by local people, creating an amazing visual effect and expressing the culture and emotion of the city. 
  • Laojun Mountain:
    There are many rare flora and fauna on these mountains. Travelers can see verdant trees and grasses, exotic flowers and rare herbs at Laojun Mountain. 
  • Lashihai Lake:
    Travelers can go to Lashihai Lake for horse riding and boat trips. There is also picturesque scenery and travelers can see plenty of flowers and plants in June.

Lijiang Weather and Climate by Month

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