Lijiang Railway Station

As being around 10 kilometers from downtown Li’jiang(丽江), the Li’jiang Railway Station(丽江火车站) is the main transportation hub for local tourism, which is also a major part of Yunnan-Tibet Railway. 

Lijiang Railway Station introduces the location, profile, maps, travel tips, normal trains and high speed trains schedule, train tickets booking, transportation, layout, facilities and servive, travel guide of Lijiang Railway Station.

Station Name (EN): Lijiang Railway Station
Station Name(CN): 丽江火车站/Lijiang Huochezhan
Address(EN): Shangji Village, Yulong County, Lijiang, Yunnan
Address(CN): 云南省丽江市玉龙县城南口片区上吉村

Brief Introduction

Lijiang Station has a distinctive Naxi style and characteristics. The station area is 11,821 square meters, the building height is 32.50 meters, the length is 182 meters, and the width is 50.3 meters. The station room is equipped with VIP waiting room, fire fighting facilities, emergency evacuation passage, broadcasting, communication, barrier-free access and so on.
There are 1,200 seats in the two waiting rooms of Xinlijiang Station, each with four PPD displays. The first-floor waiting room has small storage, supermarkets, McDonald’s, etc. The second-floor waiting room has a casual tea room. Passengers can enter the second and third stations from the pit lane of the first-floor waiting room, or directly enter the one-station platform from the second-floor waiting room flyover.
There are 17 ticket sales windows in the ticketing hall. The ticket office is open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm every day. The ticket opening window is open every day from 7:20 am to 9:00 pm, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and from 5:00 pm Points ~ 8:30 pm.

Main Route and Schedule (For Reference ONLY)

Train No. Train Type Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
K9606/K9608 Regular Speed Lijiang 08:08 Kunming 17:16 9 h 8 mins
K9685/K9688 Regular Speed Lijiang 09:28 Kunming 16:23 6 h 55 mins
K9620 Regular Speed Lijiang 09:48 Dali 11:59 2 h 11 mins
K9630 Regular Speed Lijiang 16:26 Dali 18:38 2 h 12 mins
K9618 Regular Speed Lijiang 19:50 Qujing 07:17 11 h 27 mins
K9611/K9614 Regular Speed Lijiang 20:55 Kunming 06:13 9 h 18 mins
K9681/K9684 Regular Speed Lijiang 21:30 Kunming 06:50 9 h 20 mins
K9601/K9604 Regular Speed Lijiang 22:50 Kunming 08:27 9 h 37 mins
Train No. Train Type Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
K9606/K9607 Regular Speed Kunming 20:49 Lijiang 06:10 9 h 21 mins
K9686/K9687 Regular Speed Kunming 21:21 Lijiang 07:04 9 h 43 mins
K9616/K9617 Regular Speed Qujing 19:40 Lijiang 07:50 12 h 10 mins
K9602/ K9603 Regular Speed Kunming 22:06 Lijiang 08:48 10 h 42 mins
K9629 Regular Speed Dali 09:25 Lijiang 11:47 2 h 22 mins
K9619 Regular Speed Dali 15:36 Lijiang 17:42 2 h 06 mins
K9612/K9613 Regular Speed Kunming 09:43 Lijiang 18:15 8 h 32 mins
K9682/K9683 Regular Speed Kunming 12:10 Lijiang 19:05 6 h 55 mins

Local Transportation

Xinlijiang Station is located in Shangji Village, Chengnankou District, Yulong County, about 10 kilometers away from Lijiang City. Passengers can take the No. 4 bus from Lijiang Guchengkou (horizontal square) to the train station directly, or take the No. 18 bus from the ancient city south gate Bailong Square to the train station, or take the No. 11 bus from Fuchengkou to Fuhui Market. (opposite the Likelong Supermarket) take the 16 bus to the train station.
Lijiang Station is located in the urban area of Yulong County. From the ancient city, you can take bus No. 4, No. 16, and No. 18 to Lijiang Railway Station. Take the No. 4 bus directly to the railway station in the ancient city of Lijiang, or take the No. 18 bus from the ancient city south gate Bailong Square to the train station. You can also take the No. 11 bus from Guchengkou to Fuhui Market (opposite Likelong Supermarket). Take the No. 16 bus to Lijiang Railway Station.
No.4 (Lijiang Railway Station – Gucheng District No. 1 Middle School)
No.16 (Gucheng District No. 1 – Lijiang Railway Station)
No.18 (White Dragon Plaza – Lijiang Railway Station)
Also, if you are good at bargaining, local taxi is also a good alternative.

Local Attractions

Lijiang Ancient Town, Jade-Dragon Snow Mountain, Shuhe Ancient Town, Tea-Horse Ancient Town, Lashihai Wetland Park, Blue Moon Valley, Sifang Street, Ganhaizi.
Main transportation methods include mid-distance coach and private taxi. However, we strongly recommend you to reach a deal with the driver before departure.

Notes: High-speed line has been put into use on January 5, 2019.