Nangunhe River in Lincang


The Nangunhe River is located in Lincang City, covering a total area of 50887 hectares. It starts from the west of Cangyuan County through Banhong Village to Sanjia Village of Gengma County , east from Cangyuan County to Gengma County Stair, south from Mengjiao Forest Farm of Cangyuan County. The highest elevation is 2977 meters, the lowest elevation is 480m, the relative height difference is 2497 meters. Forest vegetation in the region is well-preserved, animal, plant variety, is a tropical rainforest reserve.

Geographical Position

Nangunhe River is located in Linchang City. The protected area belongs to the mountain canyon landform of the Hengduan mountain range. The highest elevation is 2302 meters above sea level and the valley is located in the upper reaches of the South Rolling River and its valley. Annual mean temperature of 12.4 ℃; annual precipitation of 2834 mm.

Resources of Nangunhe River

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve in Lincang

Plant Resources

There are more than 97 families and 400 species of higher plants in the reserve. The top vegetation is tropical monsoon rain forest, as well as monsoon evergreen broadleaved forest. The main components and rare tree species are Red Vertebrae(红椎), Cotton Rose(木莲), Nanmu(楠木), Chen Nan(桢楠), Runnan(润楠), Cedrela Toona(红椿), Melia Azedarach(麻楝), Dian Stone Catalpa(滇石梓), Multifruit Olive Kernel(多果榄仁), Cynthia Lucifera(琴叶风吹楠), Babel Tree(八宝树), Panlongan(番龙眼), ]Alstonia Scholaris(灯台树), Nagkassar(铁力木), Artiaris Toxicaria(见血封喉), and Pinus Yunnanensis(云南松), Wrigley Bamboo(箭竹), Silk Cotton(木棉), etc
The third national protected plants: Nanmu(楠木), Multifruit Olive Kernel(多果榄仁), Cedrela Toona(红椿), Cynthia Lucifera(琴叶风吹楠), Artiaris Toxicaria(见血封喉).

Animal Resources

In the reserve, there are more than 55 families and 120 species of birds, including 22 families and 40 species of beasts, and 33 families and 80 species of birds.
The reserve is rich in economic animals, such as Wild Boar(野猪), red Muntjac(赤麂), Ferret9赤麂), Parrot(鹦鹉), Garrulax Canorus(画眉), Sunbird(太阳鸟) and so on.
The first class of national protected animals are Asian Elephants(亚洲象), White-handed Gibbon(白掌长臂猿), Phayre’s Leaf-monkey(灰叶猴), Slow Loris(蜂猴), Bengal Tiger(孟加拉虎), Wild Ox(野牛), Leopards(金钱豹), Clouded Leopards(云豹), Green Peacocks(绿孔雀);
The second class of national protected animals are Macaque(猕猴), Serow(鬣羚), Manis Pentadactyla(穿山甲), Red Deer(水鹿), Bharal(岩羊), Golden Cat(金猫), Zibet(大灵猫), Rasse(小灵猫), Jungle Fowl(原鸡) and so on.

Development Value

Nangunhe River in Lincang

The main task of Nangunhe River is to protect the forest ecosystem, wildlife and other biological species resources. Due to its unique geographical location and climatic conditions, the reserve has tropical and subtropical characteristics. From plant communities to individual plant species, there are many endemic plants. Besides Asian elephants, there are a variety of primates, cats, cloven-hoofed animals, chicks and amphibians and reptiles. Strengthening the construction of protected areas to protect the diversity of these species resources, including the wild The diversity of genetic resources will play a positive role in the future biological science, economy and cultural construction.

What to See in Nangunhe River?

1. Nangunhe River is located in the middle of the Sino-Myanmar border in the southwest corner of Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County of Linchang City. It covers an area of 50887 hectares and is one of the five national protected areas in Yunnan Province. The forest vegetation in the reserve is well preserved. The wild rare animals are various and there are many species of plants. It is the only distribution area of gibbon. The main object of protection is the Asian elephant and tropical monsoon rainforest landscape. It is a rare tropical rainforest in China. It is an excellent scenic spot for scientific research, exploration, ecology and sightseeing.

Nangunhe River in Lincang

2. Cangyuan WA Mountain also has a very beautiful scenery. In tens of thousands of hectares of virgin forest, “living fossil” water shed and other exotic trees, active in the motherland rare exotic rare birds, Yunnan “plant kingdom”, “animal kingdom” of the laudatory name, with an increase in color.

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Travel Tips

1. When travel in the river, if you meet the rise of water level, please do not swim in the river; meanwhile, do not play on the river bank, so as to avoid the precipitate flood.
2. Pay much attention to the water when you swim in the river, it seems to be peaceful on the surface, but the situation under water is unnoticeable, if you get hurt in the river you are easy to be drowning.
3. Protect the public environment, do not throw garbage at random;