Guishan Hill Park,Shangri-la

Built in the very center of the Old Town this monastery with the largest prayer wheel, over 80 feet high lights up the night sky like a dazzling jewel. It offers a wonderful vantage point for looking over the city. If you have about 10 friends with you, the prayer wheel which is like known you’ve ever seen can be spun but only in a clockwise direction as religious tradition dictates.

In Shangri-la,local residents and tourists turn a huge prayer wheel in Dukezong ancient city of Shangri-la County, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, March 12, 2010. The 21-meter-tall, 60-ton prayer wheel have attracted lots of people to visit.

An eye-catching 24-meter (80-foot) tall golden prayer wheel sits on a hill. Though it was built recently for the sake of tourism, it has become an authentic item because local Buddhists now climb the hill to spin it to submit their prayers. You can twirl it, too, but do it only clockwise, as religious tradition dictates.

A monolithic golden prayer wheel visible for kilometers around was installed in late 2002 on this hill in the old town. Starting in June 2005, the prayer wheel is lit up at night. The scripture chamber itself is pretty small and contains a large buddha statue. The prayer wheel can be turned with one very strong person, or a few people all at once. Remember to turn it clockwise. The hill provides a nice view of the old town, but if that’s all you’re looking for, you could walk up a different hill instead. 2007 saw the moving of the previous old town scripture chamber up on top of another hill in the old town and the construction of the much larger and flashier Guishan temple.