Guishan Hill Park, Shangri-la

Brief Introduction

The end of Dukezong Ancient Town is Moon Square and the hill to the east of the square is the famous Guishan Park in Shangri-la. At the entrance to the park is a large and clear pool, with spring from ancient well, which many citizens use as their living water in the past. Standing on the Guishan park, you can look up to see the majestic and continuous snow mountain, and down to have a panoramic view of Shangri-la city. 

History and Culture

Built in the reign of emperor Kangxi, Guishan park is built against the mountain, which is the commanding height of the ancient city. The park consists of the Giant Prayer Wheel, Dafo Temple(Chaoyanglou), Red Army Long March Museum, Diqing History Museum, etc.

Main Attractions

Giant Prayer Wheel: The giant prayer wheel in Shangrila is reputed as the largest one in the world for its 21 meters in height and 60 tonnes in weight. Because of its size and weight, the prayer wheel is to be spun by multiple people. It’s a must-see attraction of Shangrila tour. 

Guishan Temple:
Built in the very center of the Old Town, Guishan Temple with the largest prayer wheel, over 80 feet high lights up the night sky like a dazzling jewel. It offers a wonderful vantage point for looking over the Shangrila city.

How to Get to Guishan Hill Park?

People in Dukezong Ancient Town can walk to Guishan Hill Park directly.

Best Time to Go

It is suitable to visit Dukezong Ancient Town all year round but summer is the best time. Take enough clothes to keep warm due to the great time differences between day and night. 

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