Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre


The DCEC’s exhibition halls cover a floor area of 528.92 mu (approximately 353,330 square meters), encompassing the three peninsulas of the Dianchi Lake. The center, which neighbors the Dianchi National Tourist Resort, is adjacent to the Wujiatang Wetland Park in the east and it has a panoramic and picturesque view of the whole lake and the West Hills Scenic Area.

The DCEC, designed according to the concept of “a dancing peacock with beautiful tail feathers to bring good luck”, consists of 23 modern and well-equipped halls, which offer space of about 500,000 square meters for exhibitions, conferences and other kinds of events.


In 2012, Kunming hosted the Kunming Trade Fair and China International Tourism Trade Fair, and it became the permanent venue for the China-South Asia Expo, an important platform of the partnership between China and South Asian countries. Since then, the city has been playing an important role in spurring Yunnan’s opening up and economic and social development.

In 2013, the Kunming Dianchi Convention & Exhibition (DCEC) was brought under construction, in the hope of making the city more attractive and shaping its development to be a well-equipped modern urban complex with diversified functions of conversions and exhibitions, tourist services, leisure and entertainment, vacationing, as well as trade and business.


There are 23 exhibition halls in the DCED, including 13 column-free and 10 with pillars. The indoor space for exhibition is about 300,000 square meters, including nearly 200,000 square meters without columns.
The column-free halls numbered 6,7 and 8 are equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities especially for government and business events, large-scale opening and closing ceremonies, press conferences, grand banquets, high-end exhibitions, as well as art and technology shows.
The outdoor space for exhibitions is about 100,000 square meters.
The total area of the conference rooms, ballrooms, multi-functional halls, reception rooms, VIP rooms and management rooms inside the ECEC is nearly 100,000 square meters. Among them, there are 79 conference rooms which have around 56 square meters to 720 square meters, 28 VIP rooms which have about 48 square meters to 96 square meters, one multi-functional hall of 1330 square meters and one auditorium of 480 square meters. Equipped with multi-functional conference systems, first-rate facilities and top-quality services.


Kunming Dian-chi International Convention & Exhibition Center, located on the eastern bank of Dian-chi Lake, is the permanent venue of China-South Asia Expo. It has a vast building complex, including the convention and exhibition center halls and supporting facilities in use now as well as tourism towns, CBD, Ocean Park, hotels and some residential buildings under construction. Kunming Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center has unique design concepts, and it resembles a peacock spreading its tail.

In 2012, Yunnan Province authorized Yunnan Province Urban Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. to launch investment and build Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center. The project covers a land area of 2,300 mu (about 127.74 hectares), with an architectural area of 4 million square meters, and the budgetary investment is over 37 billion RMB. The architectural area of the exhibition hall alone in Kunming Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center is 1.17 million square meters, including indoor exhibition area of 300,000 square meters for 12,000 standard booths, and an outdoor exhibition area of 100,000 square meters. There are 100,000 square meters meeting and banquet facilities for direct exhibition service, and 108 VIP meeting rooms built inside. Besides, Kunming Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center will make an area of 200,000 square meters for commerce use and 350,000 square meters for underground parking lot with a capacity for 10,000 vehicles, and become a top mega-size convention and exhibition complex.

Kunming Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center is positioned as an important international commercial platform for China to open to South and Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean markets. Its construction and use will effectively facilitate the opening-up scale of Yunnan and even Southwest China as well as the urbanization of Kunming City. In the meantime, Kunming Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center will combine convention and exhibition economy with tourism economy, and form a low-carbon multi-functional ecology international convention and exhibition and tourism culture demonstration area.

The theme park of Kunming Dianchi International Convention & Exhibition Center will introduce internationally advanced large theme amusement projects, including theater, showcase field, large cinema, business areas like international hotels, brand and fashion department store, gourmet areas, form a new symbol for new cultural tourism consumption businesses and Kunming cultural tourism, and become a new window to show Yunnan culture to the world. 

How to Get there?

By Bus

By bus No.K51., K28, K23 and get off at Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre Station.

By Taxi

If you go to Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre from downtown of Kunming, it costs you about 40 yuan.