Nanpanjiang River in Qujing and Wenshan

Why is Nanpanjiang River So Special?

Nanpanjiang River南盘江, also known as Wenshui温水 or Panjiang River盘江 in ancient time, is the main stream of Xijiang River西江. Nanpanjiang river originated from Maxiong Mountain马雄山 east foothill of Wumeng Mountain乌蒙山脉 in Qujing City, Yunnan Province, and is the source of the Pearl River. Nanpanjiang river specifically refers to the river reach before it arrives at Zhexiang village蔗香村 of Wangmo County望谟县 in Guizhou Province. Nanpangjiang river and Hongshui river红水河 constitute the upstream of Xijiang River. The total length of the river is 914 kilometers, the average slope of the river is 1.74 ‰, the basin area is 56809 square kilometers, including 5548 square kilometers in Guangxi, 7713 square kilometers in Guizhou and 43548 square kilometers in Yunnan. There are 44 primary tributaries over 100 square kilometers. In the middle and downstream of the Nanpanjiang River, with large longitudinal slopes, swift currents, dangerous shoals and abundant hydraulic resources, there are many hydropower stations such as Tianshengqiao Hydropower Station.

Nanpanjiang River Basin General Situation

Nanpanjiang River in Qujing and Wenshan

Nanpanjiang river南盘江 is located in 102 ° 10 ‘- 106 ° 10’ east longitude, 23 ° 04 ‘- 26 ° 00’ north latitude. It flows through the whole or a part of Zhanyi沾益, Qujing曲靖, Luliang陆良, Yiliang宜良, Kaiyuan开远, Luoping罗平, Luxi泸西, Yanshan砚山, Jianshui建水, Mengzi蒙自, Qiubei丘北, Lunan路南, Chengjiang澄江, Shiping石屏, Shizong师宗, Xingyi兴义, Anlong安龙, Ceheng册亨, Xingren兴仁, Puan普安, Panxian盘县, Longlin隆林, Xilin西林 and other counties and cities in Yunnan province, Guizhou Province and Guangxi Province. In Yunnan province, the Nanpanjiang river runs through Qujing, Luliang, Yiliang, Kaiyuan, and Mile弥勒 and other counties and cities. Nanpanjiang River flows out Yunnan province after joining the Huangni river黄泥河 in Luoping county罗平县, and then has a confluence with Beipanjiang river北盘江 in Zhexiang village蔗香村 of Guizhou Province贵州. After Nanpanjiang river takes in Youjiang river右江 and Guijiang River桂江 in Guiping桂平 and Wuzhou梧州 of Guangxi, it is called Xijiang River.

Main Branches

Nanpanjiang River has 44 first grade tributaries. The drainage areas of these tributaries are all more than 100 square kilometers. Main tributaries include Qujiang River曲江, Nandong River南洞河, Jinma River金马河, Lujiang River泸江, Qingshuijiang River清水江, Huangni River黄泥河, Mabie River马别河 and so on. Among them, Huangni River is the largest one.

1. Dianxi River甸溪河, originated from Xiongbi Town of Shizong County in Qujing曲靖师宗县雄壁镇. The river is 215.7 kilometers long, with a drainage area of 2,905 square kilometers and a flow of 22.9 cubic meter per second. It belongs to left bank tributary.

Nanpanjiang River in Qujing and Wenshan

2. Fabai River法白河, originated from Tinghu Lake of Yanshan County in Wenshan文山砚山县听湖. The river is 166.5 kilometers long, with a drainage area of 3,859 square kilometers and a flow of 50.3 cubic meter per second. It belongs to right bank tributary.

3. Huangni River黄泥河, originated from Panjiadong Village of Baishui Town in Qujing曲靖师白水镇潘家洞. The river is 220 kilometers long, with a drainage area of 7,416 square kilometers and a flow of 172 cubic meter per second. It belongs to left bank tributary.

Best Time to Visit

In Yunnan, travel is possible all the year round. You can visit Nanpangjiang River all the year over.

How to Get There

1. How to Get to Qujing

Nanpanjiang River originated from Wumeng Mountain of Zhanyi District in Qujing City, Yunnan.


Kunming Railway Station-Qujing Railway Station

Departure Time: 5:20-23:35

Price: 17.5-36.5 CNY

Distance: 158 kilometers

Consume Time: About 1.5 hours

Kunming South Railway Station-Qujing North Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:17-20:50

Price: 59 CNY

Distance: 165 kilometers

Consume Time: About 35 minutes

2. How to Get to Yanshan County of Wenshan

Nanpanjiang River flows through Yanshan County pf Wenshan.

Kunming-Yanshan County

Kunming East Bus Station-Yanshan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 10:00, 11:30, 14:00, 20:30

Price: 113 CNY

Distance: 308 kilometers

Consume Time: 3.5-4 hours

Accommodation Around Nanpanjiang River

Accommodation in Qujing City

1. Qujing Longju Hotel曲靖龙聚大酒店

Address: The Crossroad of Dongfeng South Road and Dujuan Road, Zhanyi District, Qujing曲靖市沾益区东风南路与杜鹃路交汇处

Tel: 0874-3166666

Starting Price: 212 CNY

2. Yun Zhu Yuan Hotel曲靖云珠苑大酒店

Address: The Crossroad of Zhujiangyuan Avenue and Dongsheng East Road, Qilin District, Qujing曲靖市麒麟区珠江源大道与东盛东路交叉口

Tel: 0874-3082888

Starting Price: 163 CNY

Accommodation in Yanshan County of Wenshan

1. Yulan Hotel砚山御澜大酒店

Address: No.8, Xingcheng Avenue, Yanshan County, Wenshan文山州砚山县兴城大道8号

Tel: 0876-3121111

Starting Price: 158 CNY

2. Longhuyuan Hotel砚山龙湖元酒店

Address: Qixiang Avenue, Yanshan County, Wenshan文山州砚山县七乡大道

Tel: 0876-3891111

Starting Price: 145 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. The birthplace of Nanpanjiang river is in high altitude, the temperature difference between daytime and night is large.

2. Nanpanjiang river runs through three provinces, Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province and Guangxi Province.