Metro in Yunnan

Currently, only Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, has subway service among all the cities of Yunnan. The city will operate 9 subway lines according to the plan. There are four metro lines that already put into use in Kunming, namely Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 6. Others are still under construction. The subway passes a number of major passenger distributing centers like Changshui Airport, East Coach Station, Kunming Railway Station and South Railway Station. 

Metro Lines in Kunming

Operating Metro Lines

Metro Line 1: 
Main Line: South Ring Road – University Town South
Branch Line: Chunrong Street – South Railway Station 
Length: 28.5km (18 mi)
Main Line: South Ring Road – Railway Station – Fude – Rixin Road – Wujiaba – Changhong West Road – Xiaodong Village – Erji Road – Xingyao Road – New Asia Athletics Park – South Coach Station – Dounan – Chunrong Street – Tuofeng Street – Lianda Street – Yikang South Road – University Town – University Town South
Branch Line: Chunrong Street – Municipal Administration Center – Yihe Road – Bailongtan – South Railway Station

It’s the first line that Kunming had. Started to build in 2008 and opened to public operation in May 20th, 2013, it runs from the south upwards to the downtown area connecting Kunming South Railway Station and Kunming Railway Station. 

Metro Line 2: North Coach Station – Baofeng Village
Total Length: 
23km (14 mi)
North Coach Station – Longtou Street – Sijiaying – Yangchangcun – Linyuqiao – Beichen – Jinxing – Baiyun Road – North Railway Station – Chuanxingulou – Jiaosanqiao – Dongfeng Square – Tangzixiang – South Ring Road(环城南路) – Railway Station – Nanba – Rixin Road – Yiyuan Community – Guangfu Road – Panlong Village – Liujia – Gongjia Village – Conference and Exhibition Center – Baofeng Village

Started to build in 2008 and opened to public operation in Apr 28th, 2014, it runs from the north downwards to the downtown area, meeting Metro Line 1 at the Inner Exchange South Ring Road Station(环城南路) .

Metro Line 3: Western Hills – East Coach Station
Total Length: 
23km (14mi)
Western Hills – Chejiabi – Puping Village – Shiju – Dayu Road – West Bus Station – Mianshan – Middle Changyuan Road – Xiyuan – Liangjiahe – Municipal Stadium – Panjiawan – Wuyi Road – Dongfeng Square(东风广场) – Tuodong Stadium – Dashuying – Jinmasi – Taipingcun – Hongqiao – East Coach Station

Opened to public operation in August 29th 2017, it runs from east to west, crossing Metro line 2 at Inner Exchange Station  Dongfeng Square(东风广场).

Metro line 6: Airport Center – East Coach Station
Total Length:
27km (17 mi)
East Bus Station – Dabanqiao – Airport Front – Airport Center 

It connects the downtown area and Changshui International Airport, meeting Metro line 3 at East Bus Center. Tourists arrive at Kunming airport may use Metro line 6 changing to Metro line 3 to get to downtown area of Kunming.

Lines under Construction and to be Constructed

Line 4: Chenjiaying – South Railway Station
Line 5: Expo Garden – Suwang Village
Line 7: Puji Overpass – Qidian
Line 8: Longquan Road – Fubao East
Line 9: Dabanqiao North – Shizhaishan

Metros Planed in Other Cities of Yunnan

Besides Kunming, the other cities also plan to build the metro lines for the convenience of passengers. Xishuangbanna has planed three lines including Line 1(Airport-Gaozhuang), Line 2 and Line 3(Special Line for Dai Minority Garden). Wenshan Prefecture has planed five lines including Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4 and Line 5, with a total length of 94.8 km, involving two lines in downtown area, two lines in Qiubei county and one line in Yanshan county. Lijiang plans three lines, including Line 1(Special Line for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain), Line 2 and Line 3.

In addition, the Luliang county(陆良县) of Qujing also designed three downtown lines and three extended lines to surrounding towns and townships.