Hot Pots in Yunnan

When it comes to hotpot, people always think of Sichuan Hotpot and Chongqing Hotpot. In fact, Yunnan has its own hotpot, and these featured hotpots with Yunnan characteristics are distinctive from those of Sichuan and Yunnan. Here we introduce you the Hot Pot in Yunnan for your Yunnan travel.

Popular Hot Pot in Yunnan

1. Wild Mushroom Hotpot

Wild mushroom hotpot is a unique delicacy in Yunnan. Its food is ecological and delicious. It is the favorite of countless diners. Wild mushroom chafing dish is made of old mushroom soup, more than 7 kinds of dried wild mushroom slices and high calcium aggregate mixed for 7 hours. Add special fungus dishes and eat with wild fungus hot pot will not take away the fragrance of wild fungus, but also make up for some of the customers’eating habits of spicy and fragrant.

2. Lijiang Preserved Spare Ribs Hotpot

Lijiang Preserved Spare Ribs Hotpot is one of the traditional delicacies in Lijiang, Yunnan Province. It is the main dish in the third serving of Naxi’s famous dish “San Die Shui”. San Die Shui is the same as the whole Manchu-Han dinner of the Naxi people. Only the most distinguished guests are invited to enjoy this dish. Legend has it that Xu Xiake traveled to Lijiang, and the Tusi of Naxi used 108 “San Die Shui” to entertain him. Cured pork ribs hot pot- stewed cured ribs with potatoes, bean sprouts, wax gourd, and tree tomatoes, is a main course of the third serving. 

3. Fuyuan Sour Soup Pig Foot Hotpot

The Fuyuan county in east Yunnan is famous for a hot pot in which pickled cabbage is boiled with pork on pig feet. Pickled cabbage is an essential ingredient for this dish, which is digestive and can whet your appetite. Other ingredients involving sour radish and red beans, the pot soup is not greasy. Pig foot can choose a whole, also can be pig elbow slices. Pouring some meat soup into a bowl of rice, you can enjoy the essence of a sour and appetizing hot pot. 

4. Huize Black Goat Hotpot

Huize black goat belongs to short-haired type of Yunling goat. It is a local fine goat breed in Huize County and even Qujing City. Black goats eating ecological grass have strong muscles, less fat, delicious meat and elasticity. The hot pot boiled with clear soup tastes first-class, without the fishy smell of goats in captivity. 

5. Huopiao Beef Hotpot

Huopiao beef is cooked by copper ladle. The pot is not placed on an electromagnetic oven, but a charcoal fire, in fact, it can be regarded as an alternative beef hotpot. To cut the beef with skin into slices, which are fit for fat and slim, tender, smooth and refreshing. In addition to beef, the bottom of the pot is also equipped with cabbage, melon and other seasonal vegetables, which are delicious and pleasant. You can choose clear soup or spicy soup base according to your taste, and add some main dishes such as beef tendons and miscellaneous cattle.

6. Diqing Guoben Hotpot

Guoben Hot pot is a special snack of Diqing. “Guoben” is bamboo-leaf vegetable in Tibetan, which is a wild plant in high mountains. To be precise, it is not a traditional Tibetan dish, but the result of ethnic integration and “learning from each other”. The main raw materials are Guoben, potato, cooked pork belly, tofu, water powder, etc., with cooked ham, agaric, Pipa meat, and then a little sesame oil, aroma overflowing, fragrant. Food warms up against cold and nourishes the body. It’s better to eat this hot pot in copper or earthenware containers. It tastes better.

7. Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata Ham Chicken Hotpot

Gastrodia Elata Ham Chicken Hotpot is mainly made of Zhaotong Gastrodia Elata, Wenshan Notoginseng and Xuanwei Ham, with over 20 kinds of precious medicinal materials, such as American ginseng, jujube and Chinese wolfberry. This kind of hot pot not only tastes delicious, but also has the functions of eliminating disease and strengthening body, nourishing astute eyes, eliminating wind and dampness, and relieving inflammation and pain. It can be favored by the majority of food lovers, fully demonstrating the perfect combination of food and medicinal nourishing effect.

8. Tengchong Guozi Hotpot

Tengchong hotpot only uses earthenware pot made in Manyi village on the outskirts of Tengchong city. It pays attention to slow cooking, so the dish tastes delicious and mellow. The ingredients of Tengchong hoypot are vegetables, taro, Huaishan, sweet potato, yellow bamboo shoots, etc. boiled with fresh meat bone soup, covered with a layer of soaking skin (soaking skin is unique, it is dried with clean fresh pigskin, soaked in oil, then dipped in cold water, cut into thin slices), and decorated with a circle of egg rolls on the soaking skin. That is to say, a colourful and fragrant flushing pot is made.

9. Nujiang Lacquer Oil Chicken Hotpot

Lacquer” is the oil from the seeds of lacquer trees. Chicken is fried to fragrance with garlic, anise and straw, then add chili and chili paste and several pieces of lacquer oil. The thick tumbling mutters. The fragrance is very special. It’s the first step to drink the soup and then eat the meat. Pour the soup to the bowl with leek ends and drink it, which make your mouth full of strong fragrance. The chicken is fried with lacquer oil until yellow, and then boiled in hot pot, all the condiments can be thrown aside. The unique fragrance of lacquer oil and the taste of chicken are mellow and rich.

10. Jianchuan Old Ham Hotpot

In December Jianchuan, Dali, villages began to kill New Year pigs. Choose the best hind legs and spread salt, pepper and other ingredients on them, marinate in a vat for 10 days or a half months, and then hang under the eaves, smoke or air-dry the ham after the water is almost diverted. The practice of Jianchuan old ham hotpot is to add bamboo shoots on the basis of cooked chicken and ham. Such a pot of dishes are ruddy in color and rich in fragrance, first of all, the strong aroma of ham and chicken are fully matched to stimulate people’s appetite; second, the combination of meat and vegetable is suitable for all ages.

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