Guozi /Dish in Earthen Pot in Tengchong 

Guozi /Dish in Earthen Pot (锅子) in Tengchong is a traditional cooking method and dish commonly found in Tengchong, a county-level city in Yunnan Province, China. It involves cooking various ingredients in an earthen pot over an open flame or in a stove, resulting in a flavorful and hearty meal. Here’s an overview of Guozi in Tengchong:


  • Assorted vegetables (such as potatoes, carrots, green beans, and cabbage)
  • Choice of protein (such as sliced pork, chicken, or beef)
  • Aromatic herbs and spices (such as ginger, garlic, Sichuan peppercorns, and chili peppers)
  • Seasonings (such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, and salt)
  • Cooking oil
  • Rice or noodles (optional, for serving)


  1. Prepare the Ingredients:
    • Wash and prepare the vegetables by chopping them into bite-sized pieces. Cut the protein into thin slices or bite-sized pieces as well.
  2. Season the Earthen Pot:
    • Before cooking, it’s essential to season the earthen pot to prevent sticking and enhance the flavor of the dish. You can do this by rubbing the interior of the pot with a thin layer of cooking oil.
  3. Layer the Ingredients:
    • Start by layering the ingredients in the earthen pot, beginning with the protein at the bottom. Add the vegetables on top, arranging them evenly.
  4. Season the Dish:
    • Season the dish with aromatic herbs, spices, and seasonings according to your taste preferences. Common seasonings include soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, and a dash of sugar for balance.
  5. Cook Over Low Heat:
    • Place the earthen pot over an open flame or on a stove and cook the dish over low to medium heat. The slow cooking process allows the flavors to meld together and the ingredients to cook evenly.
  6. Stir Occasionally:
    • Stir the ingredients occasionally to ensure even cooking and to prevent sticking. Add a splash of water or broth if the dish becomes too dry.
  7. Check for Doneness:
    • Once the vegetables are tender and the protein is cooked through, the Guozi is ready. The dish should be aromatic and flavorful, with a rich broth formed from the ingredients’ natural juices.
  8. Serve:
    • Serve the Guozi hot, either on its own or with steamed rice or noodles on the side. Garnish with fresh herbs or sliced green onions for added freshness and flavor.

Guozi, or Dish in Earthen Pot, is a comforting and nourishing meal that showcases the natural flavors of the ingredients cooked slowly in the earthen pot. It’s a popular dish in Tengchong and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for its simplicity and delicious taste.