Yunnan Travel Agencies

When you plan Yunnan Travel, you must want to know the information about travel agencies in Yunnan, or the travel agencies in your specific destinations in Yunnan, such as Kunming travel agencies, Dali  travel agencies, Lijiang  travel agencies and Xishuangbanna travel agencies, etc. Here we list some of them for your reference.

Kunming Travel Agencies

Agency Name Address Tel
Yunnan Trans-Asia Discovery International Travel Service Co, Ltd. Room 1415, No.7 Building, Red Star Commercial Plaza, Guangfu Road, Xishan District 0871-63511469
Yunnan Holiday Travel Agency No. 88, Nanping Street, Wuhua Distrcit 13808721677
Kunming Comfort Travel Agency No. 8, Yongping Road, Kunming 4006333238
Kunming Aviation Travel Agency No. 154, Daguan Road, Kunming 0871-3116655 
Wonders of Yunnan Travel Wanhong Road, Wanhong International Aosidi Business Center 0871-63311690
China Kunming.Travel No. 152, Beijing Road, Kunming 0871-3566767
Kunming Guangda Travel Agency Room 203, Kunming Kunhu Hotel 0871-8022736
Kunming Jindu Travel Agency East Renmin Road, Kunming 0871-3124844
Yunnan Xinhua Travel Agency Tuodong Road, Kunming 0871-3180949

Dali Travel Agencies

Agency Name Address Tel
Edward Adventures No.94 Yin Cang Road, Dali  0086 13908726121
Dali Overseas Travel Agency A-1-9, Ziyun Commercial Street, Xiaguan, Dali City 0872-2195777
Dali Shanshui Travel Agency Ao Lin Building, Dali City 0872-3183906
Dali Tianma Travel Agency Dali economic development zone  0872-4347354
Dali Xingyou Travel Agency Longxi Road, Xiaguan, Dali City 0872-2188886

Lijiang Travel Agencies

Agency Name Address Tel
Lijiang Chahua Travel Agency Xianghe Rd, Gucheng, Lijiang 0888-510 8118
Lijiang Bailu International Travel Agency Luyuan Rd, Gucheng, Lijiang /
Lijiang Lanyueliang Travel Agency Jiaoyu Rd, Gucheng, Lijiang 0888- 511 1801
Yunnan Adventure Travel  Lifang Building-B,Xianggeli Avenue,Gucheng District 0871-63511469
Lijiang China Travel Service Xi’an Rd, Gucheng, Lijiang /

Shangri-La Travel Agencies

Agency Name Address Tel
Gyalthang Eco-Travel Service Company P.O. Box 147, Postal Code 674400, Shangri-la 0887- 8227838
Deqen Sangpin Travel Agency Zuogua Rd, Shangri-La, Deqen  
Deqen Shangri-La Zhongqing Travel Agency No.43 Salong Alley, Jiantangzhen, Shangri-La, Deqen 0887- 822 8592
Ka Wagebo International Travel Agency Chicika St, Shangri-La, Deqen /
Shangri-La Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Huancheng S Rd, Shangri-La, Deqen /

Xishuangbanna Travel Agencies

Agency Name Address Tel
Xishuangbanna Meigonghe International Travel Agency Minhang Rd, Jinghong o691 -898 8188
Xishuangbanna Tianma International Travel Agency Jingde Rd, Jinghong o691 – 213 4834
Xishuangbanna Renda International Travel Service No. 25 Minhang Rd, Jinghong 0691 – 213 3708
Kunming Comfort Travel Xishuangbanna Branch No. 29 Galan Middle Rd, Jinghong  0691- 214 6699
Jin’ai International Travel Service No. 80, Mengle Ave, Jinghong /