How to buy Yunnan Coffee Beans

Where on earth should I go to buy Yunnan coffee? If you buy more, how do you store coffee? Coffee storage methods will greatly affect the quality of coffee in the future. Today, let me teach you how to buy and store Yunnan coffee beans.

Buy only Whole Coffee Beans

Remember, always buy a whole coffee bean. To get a good coffee, you have to grind and make it yourself. Once the coffee is ground into coffee powder, its taste will accelerate the loss, but also absorb the smell around. Freshness is always a prerequisite for high quality. Make sure you grind the coffee powder yourself before you drink it.

Buy coffee from a nearby Cafe or Baker

Where on earth should we go to buy coffee? To the supermarket or to the supermarket? Sorry, neither. What you really need to go to is a nearby independent boutique cafe or baker. If you love coffee as much as I do and care about the quality of coffee, you must buy Coffee where you really know and understand the quality.

Check the Baking Date

We all know that milk depends on its shelf life, and so does coffee. Once roasted, the shelf life of coffee is usually about 2 weeks, so it is important to check the roasting date of coffee when purchasing. Fresh roasted coffee is always the best flavor, and prematurely ground canned coffee powder is completely incomparable. In addition, fresh roasted coffee is also rich in various nutrients and antioxidants!

Store Coffee in Sealed Containers

Remember, the rest of the coffee must be stored in sealed containers! Sometimes coffee packages are marked “Sealable”, but the effect is not good. The best way is to store coffee beans in sealed cans and plastic bags. If the coffee is put in a sealed jar, the lid will bulge slightly and pop up when it is opened again, which indicates that the coffee is still in the “exhaust” stage and the freshness of the coffee is acceptable. You may not believe that even light can affect the freshness of coffee, so you must store coffee in a dry, cool, dark environment, the cabinet at home is a good choice.