How to solve the unexpected troubles on the train to Yunnan?

Taking the train to Yunnan is convenient and cheap for the tourists which is also more safe than the bus. You can also imagine and learn from previous train experiences. A railway carriage is like a small social place for passengers on the train. So there are all kinds of things that can happen. Then what the troubles you will meet on the train? And how to deal with them? We will list some of the possibilities you may meet on the train and provide the solutions.

Bullet Trains in Yunnan
Bullet Trains in Yunnan

Trouble 1: Altitude Sickness

It is normal to experience some sickness from the high altitude of the Yunnan Highland. The altitude of Kunming is 1,896 meters and many tourists will feel sick as the altitude rises higher and higher. The usual symptoms include headache, auseate, vomiting, choking sensation in the chest, and numb limbs. It’s not necessary to see a doctor because these symptoms disappear in three days as you adapt to the high altitude.

And maybe it is unexpected to you that you will get disease in the train to Yunnan. Please not be nervous, keep calm and ask the trainman for help. As for the long journey, take the sleeping berth rather than hard seat. If you have bought the hard ticket, you can ask the trainman for changing it to the sleeper ticket if there are available sleeping berth. It is easy to make you feel more relaxed on the train.

Trouble 2: Dispute with Passengers

Be gentle and sober on the train, do not take the terrible disputes with the others. If you fail to find your seat, or other takes your seat, you can find the trainman for help. Generally, most passengers are polite and gentle, you can communicate with them efficiently if there is no language barrier.

There is hot drinking water on the train and instant noodles are the popular food on the train. Be care when you take the water for boiling the noodles. The space on the train is busy and small, try to avoid water scald.

Trouble 3: Items Lost

On the train, there are so many strangers and you need to keep your valuables in your sight or take them with you. Once lost, it’s difficult to find. When you get on the train, remember how many articles you have bring and put your luggage on the baggage holder or under the berth. Take care of your ticket paper, when you get out of the station, the staff will check your ticket.

If you forget your items on the train, ask the staff working in the station for help. Or you can call 12306 to find it. So keep you ticket well.

Trouble 4: Stopover

When a train arrives at a station, it often stay for a period when passengers can get on and off the train to rest or buy something. Don’t go too far away from the train and remember the departure time in case the train starts again and you can’t catch up.

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