Baishuitai Festivals and Events

Festivals and Activities in Baishuitai

1. Song Contest Festival in Baishuitai (白水台赛歌会)

Every year during festivals, the Naxi people who are from dozens of miles away wear splendid attire, take horses with brand new trappings, bring some food, such as chicken, meat, Er Kuai (rice-flour cake) and other food. People come to Baishuitai along with singing and laughter.

2. Sanduo Festival of Naxi Ethnic Minority in Baishuitai (白水台纳西族三朵节)
Baishuitai Sanduo Festival, Eryueba  (February 8th) Festival or Baishuitai Song Contest Festival is held in Baishuitai of Shangri-La City every February 8th of the lunar year.

3. Horse Racing Festival in Baishuitai (赛马节)

In Baishuitai, horse racing is a popular sport for Tibetans. Meanwhile, it is the most important tradition event, mostly holding in May of Chinese lunar calendar and lasting for 3 days.

4. Dengba Festival in Baishuitai 

Dengba Festival is a famous festival in Baishuitai. Tibetans will wear their unique ethnic clothing to celebrate the festival.