Changning County Administrative Divisions

As of 2017, Changning county has jurisdiction over 9 towns, 4 townships and 2 farms. The government seat is located in Tianyuan Town(田园镇). Below are the detailed information of the towns and townships in Changling.

9 Towns: Tianyuan Town(田园镇), Mangshui Town(漭水镇), Kejie Town(柯街镇),Kasi Town(卡斯镇), Mengtong Town(勐统镇), Wenquan Town(温泉镇), Datianba Town(大田坝镇), Jifei Town(鸡飞镇), Wengdu Town(翁堵镇)

4 Townships: Gengjia Township(更戛乡), Wandian Dai Ethnic Township(湾甸傣族乡), Zhujie Yi Ethnic Township(珠街彝族乡), Goujie Yi Ethnic Township(苟街彝族苗族乡)

2 Farms: Wandian Farm(湾甸农场), Kejie Huaqiao Farm(柯街华侨农场)