Deqin County Overview

‣ Where is Deqin

Deqin is occupied the northwest corner of Diqing Prefecture, covering an area of 7,596 square kilometers. It borders on the Tibet Autonomous Region to the northwest and Sichuan to the northeast. It is located in the central part of the Hengduan Mountains, and contains the valleys of Nujiang River, Lancang, and Jinsha Rivers.

‣Basic Information

Chinese Name: 德钦

Altitude: 3,300 meters

Population: 60,080

Zip code: 674500

Recommended Visiting Time: 5 or 6 days

Useful Numbers

●Tourist Complaint: 0887-8412748
●Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 
●Weather Forecast: 121

●Tourism Information Inquiry: 0887-8412748
●Deqin Coach Station: 0887-8413322


Because Deqin is a small place, there is no Bank of China. If you have any money exchange needs, please exchange it in Banks of China in Diqing.

‣Post Office

Deqin County Post Office Sales Department: No. 42, Nanping Street, Adunzi Community, Deqin County 
Post Office in Yunling Town: Nearby Yunling Town Government, Deqin County
●Deqin County Post Office Sales Department: No. 42, Nanping Street, Shengping Town, Deqin County


●Deqin Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital
Address: No. 54, Central Street, Adunzi Community, Deqin Community
●Deqen People's Hospital
Address: No. 96, Nanping Street, Deqin County

‣Administrative Division

There are two town-level and six township-level divisions, they are respectively hengping Town (升平镇), Benzilan Town (奔子栏镇), Foshan Township (佛山乡), Yunling Township (云岭乡), Yanmen Township (燕门乡), Xiaruo Lisu Township (霞若傈僳族乡), Tuoding Lisu Township (拖顶傈僳族乡), Yangla Township (羊拉乡).


The climate in Deqin County belongs to cold temperate mountain monsoon climate. The climate is greatly affected by altitude. The latitude effect is not obvious. As the altitude rises, the temperature decreases and the precipitation increases. Most of the seasons are unclear. The winter is long and the summer is short. The dry season and wet season are usually obvious. 


 Throughout its years of development, local endeavors for advancement have been rewarded with a great rise in area living standards. Nowadays, this is a tourist destination, however, the transportation is not very convenient. The journey takes about 5 hours and is through spectacular and scary mountain scenery.

‣What to Visit in Deqin

Yubeng Village: The entire village is  encircled by mountains all directions, so it is a best place for those people who like hiking or trekking.

▪ Feilaisi Temple: Located in the Hengduan Mountains approximately 10 km southwest of Deqin  in the far northwest of the Yunnan Province, China. 

▪ Dongzhulin Temple: The climate is a monsoon of the mountains. It has the characteristics of “no winter, no summer”.  

▪ Mingyong GlacierOne of the major glaciers in China, is located in the northwest of Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

.Meili Snow Mountain:Where the dream begins, famous as  a snow mountain that no one climbs to its peak. 

Lancang (Mekong) River Meili Grand Canyon: Known as one  of the most beautiful grand canyons in China, one of the largest and most important nature reserves in China..

Baima Snow Mountain: Located in the middle section of the Hengduan Mountains. The majestic Yunling Mountains pass through the whole area from north to south.

‣Ethnic Culture in Deqin

As the main minority inhabited in Deqin County, Tibetans created brilliant culture and customs, among which the unique traditional festivals of  Tibetans enjoy good fame and attract tourists home and abroad to visit.

‣What to Eat in Deqin

The dining in Deqin County reflects its wintry landscape, focusing on barley, dairy products, and meat. Yak is made into jerky dipped in hot sauce or fried, is a particular favorite among nomads. It's a diet heavy on noodle dishes and meat, hearty braises and stews, dumplings, cheese, butter (often used to make tea). Here are some recommended food..

‣What to Buy in Deqin

1. Highland barley wine: Highland barley wine is one of the three symbolic goods of Tibetan culture. It is a unique kind of wine brewed by the highland barley and the unpolluted snow water or spring water. It is the favorite wine of the Tibetan people, a must in big festivals, celebrations and daily lives.

2. Ophiocordyceps sinensis: (Formerly known as Cordyceps sinensis) is an entomopathogenic fungus (a fungus that grows on insects) found in mountainous regions like Diqing and Tibet. It parasitizes larvae of ghost moths and produces a fruiting body which used to be valued as a herbal remedy which is thought to improve human immunity.

3. Yak meat: This is a sweet and delicately flavored red meat. Yak is juicier than buffalo and elk, and never gamey. It is lighter tasting than beef, never greasy. This all-natural premium lean meat is never bland or mushy. This most desirable flavor and “feel”for discerning palettes come from its lean tender meat and natural oils.

4. Deqin Tea: Snow Tea is a kind of tea leaves produced from Deqin County. The Snow Tea grows in areas of 3,600 meters high and above the sea level of cold temperature zone.

5. Matsutake: Matsutake grows in pine tree forest or brushwood under the elevation of 3,600m. It is a kind of edible food and is of great nutrition and values. Part of Matsutake produced in Deqin is exported to Japan and has been one of the important income resources for the local farmers.

6. Fritillary: The function of Fritillary is to relieve a cough and reduce phlegm. This herb grows in highlands, forests and valleys of 2,800 – 4,500m high.

7. Snow Lotus Herb: It has great medicinal functions and grows in places in snow mountains of 4,000 meters high.


Six or seven thousand years ago, there were humans living in this remote land. The ancestors of Tubo (ancient name for Tibetans) created a colorful aboriginal culture here. In Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), the orbit of the central government began to extend here.

‣Recommended Hotels in Deqin

There are some hotels, which enjoy high reputation, such as Songtsam Meili (松赞梅里酒店), Songtsam Benzilan (德钦松赞奔子栏酒店), Songtsam Lodges -- Songtsam Cizhong (德钦松赞茨中酒店), Deqin Benzilan Lishi Hotel (德钦奔子栏丽世酒店), all are 5-star hotels.