Diqing Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Diqing, here are some useful Diqing travel tips which may be helpful for your Diqing tour. When plan your trip to Diqing, view our answers to questions about Diqing travel to get better understanding of Diqing Yunnan.

Useful Numbers

Here below are some useful numbers in Diqing prefecture, in case the emergency while you are traveling (such as sickness or traffic accidents), or have other complaints or questions.

Area Code 0887
Police (Calling) 110
First-aid Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Traffic Accidents 122
Weather Forecast 12121/121
Zip Code in Shanri-la 674400
Zip Code in Weixi County 674600
Zip Code in Deqin County 674500
Tourist Complaints 0887-8223786/96927
Zip Code Inquiry 184
Bus Ticket 8223501
Air Ticket 8232000
Diqing Shangri-La Airport Inquiry 0887-8229916
Public Security Office in Diqing 0887-8222128

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Diqing is May to July and September to October. There are many festivals and activities at this time, the weather is also ideal for travel. Flowers are in full bloom, and there are green grass and trees everywhere, with the most beautiful scenery.

What to Pack

Diqing prefecture is more than 3,300 meters above sea level, with obvious three-dimensional climate. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large. No matter what season you go to Diqing, you should prepare a warm coat. In summer, tourists are supposed to bring light clothes for the daytime and warm clothes for the night. Besides, remeber to bring an umbrella, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. In other seasons, especially in winter, long-sleeved clothes, sweater, thick coat and other thermal equipments are needed. It is suggested to dress in layers to adapt the large temperature difference.

Other Tips

  • Weather and Climate: Every year from June to September is the rainy season in Diqing. The road condition may be not good for travelling. In winter, Diqing is snowy. After the snow, the mountain road is not easy to walk, and waiting for the snow to melt needs patience and time.
  • High Altitude Sickness: Diqing is more than 3,300 meters above sea level. Some people may have a little altitude sickness, but it's usually not serious. If you want to go to the mountain pass, which is more than 4000 meters above sea level, it is better to take more preventive measures. Before going to the plateau, you can take some medicines to alleviate the altitude reaction, such as rhodiola rosea, American ginseng tablet and so on. In addition, during the travel, do not overeat, drink or smoke. It is recommended to eat more vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent altitude sickness. Drink adequate amount of water, pay attention to keep warm, less showers to avoid cold and physical exertion.
  • Insurance Purchase: Most people who travel to Diqing Shangri-la are backpackers or hikers. Most of them aim to climb mountains and hike. It is recommended to buy relevant insurance before the trip. In addition, when buying tickets at the scenic spot, remember to pay attention to whether the ticket includes insurance or not. For example, if the risk factor of visiting the scenic spot is large, it is recommended to buy additional insurance.
  • Communication: In the minds of many people, Shangri-la Diqing may be an isolated place, but you will find that the present Shangri-la is closely connected with the outside world. However, it is a different story in the high mountains and valleys. But in general, communication is basically smooth within the territory Diqing prefecture.

Things to Do in Diqing

Diqing is featuring magnificent snow mountains, lucid plateau lakes and beautiful ethnic villages, etc. It is a paradise for hikers and climbers. The popular hiking routes are Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking, Meili Snow Mountain hiking, Yubeng village hiking, Niru village trekking and Haba Snow Mountain hiking, by which you can not only enjoy the healing scenery, but also visit traditional ethnic villages on the way. Besides, visiting temples or monasteries like Songzanlin monastery and Feilaisi can be included in your Diqing travel as well.

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Diqing has industrial and commercial bank of China, agricultural bank of China, China construction bank, etc., which are mainly located in the urban area and county seats.

  • Bank of China(Diqing Branch)中国银行迪庆州分行
    Address: Chicika Street, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市池慈卡街
    Tel: 0871-64139710/0871-64332852
  • Bank of China ATM
    Address: No.13, Cangfang Street, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市仓房街13号
  • China Construction Bank中国建设银行
    Address: No.46, Chicika Street, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇池慈卡街46号
    Tel: 0887-8222787
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: No.144, Changzheng Avenue, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市长征大道144号
    Tel: 95588/0887-8222632
  • Agricultural Bank of China中国农业银行
    Address: No.175, Changzheng Avenue, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇长征大道175号
    Tel: 0887-8222406
  • Agricultural Bank of China中国农业银行
    Address: No.97, Nanping Street, Shengping Town, Deqin County, Diqing迪庆州德钦县升平镇南坪街97号
    Tel: 0887-8412354/0887-8413768
  • Agricultural Bank of China中国农业银行
    Address: No.14, Shuncheng South Road, Baohe Town, Weixi County, Diqing迪庆州维西县保和镇顺城南路14号
    Tel: 0887-8626200
  • Postal Saving Bank of China中国邮政储蓄银行
    Address: No.38, Xinjie, Baohe Town, Weixi County, Diqing迪庆州维西县保和镇新街38号
    Tel: 0887-8626035

Post Offices and Expresses

Postal code of Diqing prefecture is 674400, and China post hotline is 11185. Postage for sending postcard is 0.8 yuan.

  • China Post中国邮局
    Address: In the intersection of Dongwang Road and Jiangke Road, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市东旺路与江克路交叉口
    Tel: 0887-8232510
  • China Post中国邮局
    Address: No.42, Nanping Street, Deqin County, Diqing迪庆州德钦县南坪街42号
    Tel: 0887-8412581
  • China Post(Benzilan Branch)中国邮局
    Address: National Highway 214, Deqin County, Diqing迪庆州德钦县214国道
    Tel: 0887-8506253
  • China Post(Benzilan Branch)中国邮局
    Address: Xiangdui Line, Tacheng Town, Deqin County, Diqing迪庆州维西县塔城镇香维线
    Tel: 11183
  • Postal Saving Bank of China中国邮政储蓄银行
    Address: Hutiaoxia Town Government, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市虎跳峡镇政府附近
    Tel: 0887-8806175
  • Yunda Express韵达快递
    Address: No.213, Changzheng Avenue, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市长征大道213号
    Tel: 95546
  • STO Express申通快递
    Address: Jiangke Road, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市江克路
    Tel: 95311
  • STO Express申通快递
    Address: No.4, Gun Ma Lang, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇衮玛廊4号
    Tel: 95311
  • Yunda Express韵达快递
    Address: No.84, Dawa Road, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇达娃路84号
    Tel: 95546
  • SF Express顺丰快递
    Address: No.127, Da La Lang, Dukezong Ancient Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市独克宗古城达拉廊127号
    Tel: 95338


With a high altitude in Diqing, some people may suffer from altitude sickness. If serious, you can go to the nearby hospital for medical treatment. There are hospitals in Diqing that provide medical care.

  • People's Hospital of Shangri-la(香格里拉人民医院)
    Address: No.19, Chicika Street, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇池慈卡街19号
    Tel: 0887-8222022/0887-8222454
  • People's Hospital of Deqin County(德钦县人民医院)
    Address: Hexiang Middle Road, Deqin County, Diqing Prefecture迪庆州德钦县河香中路
    Tel: 0887-8413171/0887-8413251
  • People's Hospital of Weixi County(维西县人民医院)
    Address: Close to County Road 292, Weixi County, Diqing Prefecture迪庆州维西县292县道附近
    Tel: 0887-8628210
  • Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Diqing Prefecture(迪庆州藏医院)
    Address: Kangzhu Avenue, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇康珠大道
    Tel: 0887-8223974
  • Shangri-la Xiehe Hospital(香格里拉协和医院)
    Address: No.9, Yangtang Road, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市阳塘路9号
    Tel: 0887-8233120/0887-8266120
  • Shangri-la Maternal and Child Health Care Center(香格里拉市妇幼保健院)
    Address: No.54, Xiangbala Avenue, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市香巴拉大道54号
    Tel: 0887-8222354

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