Feilaisi Travel Tips

Feilaisi Temple is located within the Hengduan Mountains approximately 10 km southwest of Deqin (Deqen) in the far northwest of the Yunnan Province in southwest China. Feilai Si (Feilaisi or Fei Lai Si) is nestled high above the Mekong valley at an altitude of 3,300 meters on the road to Lhasa.

Useful Number

  1. Tourist Compliant: 0887-8412748
  2. Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
  3. Weather Forecast: 121
  4. Fire: 119
  5. Police: 110
  6. Ambulance: 120
  7. Tourism Information Inquiry: 0887-8412748
  8. Deqin County Coach Station:0887-8413322


Because Feilaisi is a small place, there are no Banks of China. If you have any money exchange needs, please exchange it in Banks of China in Diqing. Therefore, please be ready for enongh cash.

How to Get to Feilasisi

1. Take buses departing for Mingyong Village or Xidang Village, and get off at Feilaisi (about 20 minutes);
2. Charter a minibus with about 50 yuan (prices for reference only). 

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the temple is from January to May between winter and spring. The period between October and December is suggested if you wish to see Meili Snow Mountain from Feilaisi Temple. 

What to See

Wunongding Viewing Platform of Meili Snow Mountain,  Mingzhu Langka Viewing Platform in Feilaisi, Diqing, Feilaisi in Deqin County, Diqing are the famous attractions in Feilaisi.

What to Pack

1. The temperature difference is big between day and night, especially when it rains. Tourists should take some thick and long sleeves with you to prevent getting cold.

2. Do not forget to prepare some cold medication, intestinal medicine band-aid, daily necessities and medicine.

• As Feilaisi is located in Hengduan Mountains at the altitude of 3,400 meters, the ultraviolet (uv) radiation is very strong that you should bring sunhat and sun scream with you.

Entrance Ticket 

Although Feilaisi is only charged for 10 yuan, you couldn’t just buy the entrance ticket for it. It’s usually included in the ticket packages.

Ticket package 1
It’s charged for 150 yuan including the Big Bend of Jinsha River, Nongwuding Viewing Platform and Feilaisi Temple Viewing Platform.

Ticket package 2
It’s charged for 228 yuan including the Big Bend of Jinsha River, Nongwuding Viewing Platform, Feilaisi Temple Viewing Platform and Mingyong Glacier.

Ticket package 3
It’s charged for 230 yuan including the Big Bend of Jinsha River, Nongwuding Viewing Platform, Feilaisi Temple Viewing Platform and Yubeng Village.

Note: These prices are for your reference, and specific prices are subject to the actual conditions.

Basic Information for Travel

Recommended time for a visit:  3-4 hours.
Best time for visit: winter and spring from January to May.
Opening Time: 8:00-17:00                                     

Accommodation: in the vicinity of Feilaisi Temple, there are some hostels for choice.
Food: all the hostels provide food for their guests; other several snack bars nearby provide food in inexpensive price.

Introduction of Feilaisi Temple- a best site to catch amazing views of Meili Snow Mountain

Feilaisi Temple was originally built in 1614 during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) with a history of 385 years. Covering 1,500 square meters, it was built according to the mountain terrain with architecture at random discretion. The whole temple consists of Zisun (Descendants) Hall, the Hall of God, Haichao (Sea Tide Hall), Liangxiang (Wing-rooms) Hall, Liang’er (Two Ears) Hall, and Sipei (Side) Hall. The temple is a combination of three religions- Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Directly facing the Kawakarpo Peak, Feilai is famous for its viewing deck for amazing scenes of the magnificent Meili Snow Mountain.