Fumin County Festivals and Events

1.The Torch Festival

It is widely celebrated by the Bai and Yi ethnic people scattering around Yunnan. The Torch Festival annually: Yi on lunar 24 June (11 August on Julian calendar), Bai on 25 June (12 August on Julian calendar).

2. Fumin Waxberry Festival

It starts May 25th to June 3rd this year. Come and join Fumin farmers for some Waxberry picking experience,and celebrate this annual harvest."Cherries in spring, waxberry in summer, apples in autumn, and peach in winter." Fumin farmers has worked hard on this fertile land for generations, and fruit is the main economic crop in Fumin. Waxberry is a representation of Fumin’s fruits and vegetables, which has nearly 30 years of planting history, and 5,000 tons of annual production.