Gengma County Attractions

There are both human landscapes and natural landscapes in Gengma County. You will explore traditional ethnic village like Mangtuan Village(芒团村), feel profound history in Shifodong Cave Site of Neolithic Period(石佛洞新石器时代文化遗址) and experience the Buddhist culture in Zongfosi Temple(总佛寺). More attractions include Baima Square, Dongjing Temple, Jingge White Pagoda(景戈白塔), Anti-earthquake Monument and Qingshuihe National Port(清水河口岸) etc. Here below is a brief introduction of part attractions.

1. Mengding Basin(孟定坝)

It is a alluvial type basin nearby the tropical of cancer. The Nanting River runs through the whole Basin.

2. Gandong Park(甘东公园)

It used to be a Dai ethnic village. After Gengma earthquake, villagers moved away, it was reconstructed to be a park.

3. General Buddhist Temple(总佛寺)

Close to Gandong park, it is the only retained General Buddhist temple in this county. It has been the Buddhist activities center of Dai ethnic group in Gengma for 200 years. It is also a holy place to worship for Buddhists both home and abroad.